Saturday, June 16, 2012


Muji recently held a fashion show of their latest collection for 2012 last June 8 at their Bonifacio High Street store. Now what will you get if you put in the top-notch styling prowess of Cecille Van Straten and Melvin Mojica plus the artistic and creative directions of Robby Carmona and his team and mix it in the big bowl of Muji goodness? Pure awesomeness!

Read on as Muji welcomes you...

…to "The New Life."

I like everything in the collection! Heck, I even like what the ladies wore! It's something that I don't usually see everyday here in our country (probably the hot weather. probably? probably!?) that's why I'm thanking the lord above for the rain! It's a very great excuse for us to pile on the layers and for a change, ladies, to dress up effortlessly chic. Don't get me started with the men's wear! The styles basically comprised 25% of my existing wardrobe. I would even wear the pair of pyjamas (which Robbie wore) to work! If only the stuff in Muji were a dime a dozen, I'd probably have everything in multiplicity.

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  1. I use MUJI longsleeves everyday at the office. I like MUJI. :)

  2. Rizalenio! Who doesn't like Muji right?