If you think that by letting you in on what a typical day for me is like by showing you the stuff I have at the back of my car (as seen HERE) and confess to the online world my OC-ness is deep on a personal level, well think again! This time, I'll show you the world that is inside this tiny piece of handbag I got from SM Accessories! By the way, this bag is the completion of this set which I've shown you HERE.

Tara! Let's dig deeper…

This is my life inside this bag.

Spare phones! Aside from my Blackberry and iPhone 4, I keep and bring these extra phones whenever I go out. One I lend to my driver, one Sun line to keep in touch with my staff and business associates, and one which I recently got (and decided to keep because it's red!). Of course, there's my portable phone charger!
Nokia E63, Samsung, Alcatel one touch 318D, Third Rail System phone charger
And speaking of recently gotten phone,  here's another one which I won (as one of the best dressed) at the Mall of Asia opening of Forever 21. (More about that on my next post)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Here are some necessities…
Titania for Men, box of business cards, Altoids, Neon indicator tags
Money holder / wallets...
SM Accessories, Girbaud, SM Accessories
I most particularly like this plastic wallet I got from SM Accessories! Here's why...
It's durable because it's plastic and it conveniently holds my cards in place (holds up to 6!)
And for my IDs and business cards...
Manels personalized passport holder, Fino card holder (gift from One Mega Group), Samatta Manila cardholder (gift from The LiST Group), Memo slim wallet I use to hold my other IDs
This personalized passport holder houses both of my old and new passports and it also serves as a reminder to always travel in style!
Manels x The Fashionista Commuter personalized passport holder
Thanks Ana for this!

Speaking of personalized leather goods, what do you think of these Manels x Bloggers United key holders?
Manels x Bloggers United personalized key holder
If you want to uphold the spirit of Bloggers United by owning one of these personalized key holders (in yummy colors!) from Manels, here's what you need to do:
Comment on this post with whatever you have in mind! Say anything nice or simply say hello and don't forget to leave your full name and email address after your comment. The top three best commenter will get to keep one of these Manels key holders! To help me pick the winners, Ana Gonzales will sort through all your comments! Good luck and happy commenting!

This contest will run until August 10, 2012!


  1. aha! hello papa p! alam ko sekreto mo kaya dapat ako manalo. yang neon green gusto ko. hahaha



    1. huy! anong secret?! may pa-blackmail blackmail ka pa ha? disqualified! disqualified! haha. miss you banisa!

  2. Hi Paul! :) You look so nice and business-like in all your photos so i'd like to meet you one day, together with the other bloggers I look up to, so I can know you more behind these gorgeous look shots. I also wanna see for myself why they are calling you Papa P? Maybe you're as gorg as the real Papa P in person, hmm? ;)

    Bea Perez
    Orange ♥

  3. Hi Dear Paul,I was amazed on how you nailed it everytime!In fairness I love the way you dress,you look so malinis and mabango:)Parang nakakaintimitidate sa tulad naming mga punkista,hehe..:)Keep it up Mr.PR guy:)

    Arra Morta

  4. Paul, you're sooo organized! Daig mo pa yung ibang babae na kilala ko. Naku, pareho pala tayong OC. I'm sooo OC to the maximum level din :D Btw, I'm looking for the same wallet/holder tulad ng syo. Is it available sa lahat ng SM department stores? Thanks for sharing :D

    Katherine Rivera
    Brown :D

  5. i love the plastic wallet from SM. great find, paul. im buying that for sure.

  6. Hi the PR guy! Ithink I saw you sa supersale bazaar pero I'm not sure..nahiya rin ako lumapit eh..anyways, just want to say I religiously visit your blog and the blogs of Ms. Ana and Ms. Aisa. ;)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. waaahhh...what's in my bag? bus tickets and candy wrappers!!! nahiya naman ako. you remind me of my guy friend whose apartment is cleaner than mine.
    thanks for this post. I feel like decluttering and organizing my stuff!
    btw, i want the orange keyholder. Thanks in advance. :)

    chasenmae de padua

  9. Creating the Commenting Culture! :) Nice mechanics, bff, pero bat ako nasama sa judges! Lol, hirap nito! Sending this link to Manels, thank you!!!

  10. Very organized I am impressed!!!More power and God bless...
    Maricel P. Villanueva

  11. i want these Keychain :) Soooo beautiful :) i want these super :) GOOD LUCK to me :)

    Name: Enchie Fremista
    Email: enchie.fremista@yahoo.com

  12. i like your ka OC-han ah. I never really appreciated organization, till i read your other posts and this post. and when i saw your different id holders, wallets, what-have-you's, it's really great if one is as organized as you. at least time wont be wasted rummaging for things because everything is neatly packed.

    jannell cajote

  13. "happiness is the best thing in the world."
    - Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz
    haha. I'm just loving that quote right now.
    Keep calm and stay happy! :))

    Harmony Valdoz

  14. Gusto ko rin yung passport holder!!! Hehe

    Heeeey Papa P! :))

    (If ever I win I want the black one! Hehe utang na loob sana naman manalo na ko! Nang magkaron ng matinong key holder yung car keys ko :P)

    Kaiye Pallarco


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