Saturday, July 28, 2012


I mentioned from THIS post about Jessica Sanchez becoming an endorser for Bench and to quote myself,

"And speaking of PFW, didn't you know know that America's Next Top Model stars Allison and Dominique is slated to walk the Bench show? Yes, but not only that! Bench has still more magic up its sleeves! Joe Jonas anyone? And also, don't forget that there's Dong Hae and SiWon of international K-Pop sensation Super Junior whose billboards are scattered all over the metro! Talk about international domination. That's a fine job you're doing there Bench! Jessica Sanchez - next? Who knows…"

Well surprise, surprise! She's now officially an endorser for the clothing giant as posted on Bench's Facebook Page this afternoon.
Of course, on an unbiased note, the news was not completely positively accepted by the public based on the comments this photo garnered when it was posted awhile ago. As for me, this particular campaign of Bench will just make the American Idol Runner Up's visit this September all the more exciting and the most anticipated this year.

You never fail to surprise Bench! Congrats!

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