Monday, July 23, 2012


There's a lot of Japanese Restaurants here in Manila claiming authenticity but the question is, how do Japanese Cuisine becomes authentic? Obviously the food itself should be Japanese in order for it to be authentic but do factors like the setup of the restaurant matters? Should there be a Japanese chef present during the whole process of food preparation?

For me, it's all about the passion. That and all that is mentioned above and I know of one perfect restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food made even more enticing with the modesty of the people behind it. Introducing...
Kitsho Restaurant and Sake Bar
If you're a big fan of Japanese cuisine like I am, this one is for you. And for more mouth-watering photos, you know what to do. (click, click!)

This time, Tracy was the culprit who invited me and my bloggers girl friends for this particular food fest! I was late when I got there and all that was left were a few er... leftovers - kidding, and this plate of raw goodies (above photo) which they didn't dare try because they reserved it daw for me. Them girls ate a lot by the way! Kidding again... not!

Here's some Japanese (and blurry photos) for you guys!

Wagyu - I like!
My default juice drink - Green Mango

Green Tea Ice Cream
Kitsho Japanese Executive Chef - Masahiro Mizumoto
And here's how the restaurant looked like...

Everything looked like a set from the Kill Bill movie. The only thing lacking was Uma Thurman's character plus her katana.

Got you craving for Japanese food? Visit Kitsho the next time you're in Traders Hotel!

Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar
3001 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City 1305
(+632) 523 7011


  1. pagrab photos! lamo na yan. kahit blurred. boo. haha

  2. Ok din pala tong may late nagpopost, naalala ko yun "event" na yun, hehe..Saya lang! :) And hindi kami madaming nakain noh haha!