Friday, July 6, 2012


I'm on #OPLAN_ALIS_BACKLOGS with Pax right now and to jumpstart everything, I'm gonna share to you guys this fun styling workshop that I attended last May 30 with fellow bloggers and style enthusiasts!

What: L-Time Studio Fashion Series (ODM)
When: May 30, 2012
Where: Capricciosa, Greenbelt 3

The workshop was the first of many series that L-Time Studio is going to host and first up was David Guison styling for ODM.

David shared some practical styling tips and ideas as to how we can match our clothes with...
…the colorful, fun and quirky casual watches from...

What made the workshop even more interesting (and fun!) was the interactive styling segment where we got to play around with our personal style with ODM watches!

One of the highlights of the event was when three guests were called to participate in a styling contest using the clothes of David and the watches from ODM. Who would've thought that I'll be one of them (again)? The idea was to get a girl partner to style you if they (the ODM peeps) picked a boy and vice versa. I chose Pax as my styling partner (automatic na yun) and our team competed with the teams of blog legends, Shen and Sarah. Guess who won?

It was team #PRAisa! Our peg was utilitarian!

We won our very own ODM watches (which i'm gonna show you later) and I got to live in David's clothes for a couple of minutes! Dapat kasama na sa prizes yung mga damit! Boo...

Here are the bloggers/workshoppers/stylish kids who attended the event...

Hey Thons! Hey Cindy!
The talented (and pretty!) Joyce Pring did a good job hosting the event!

Quirky ODM watches on display...

And here's what I won!

Pax won a white version of this! Awesome no?

Stay tuned for the next L-Time Studio Styling session and also for the collaboration of ODM and David Guison up next…

Thank you L-Time Studio, ODM, E-Central and David Gusion for the awesome afternoon spent at the equally awesome Capricciosa!

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  1. Congrats sa win ng PR Aisa, iba talaga tandem nyo! ;) Sinave ko yung hug-david pic a hehehe ;)