Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Would you believe me if I tell you that I don't know how to define my style? Seriously. I just put on anything that makes me feel and look good (as mentioned HERE). But lately, I've been wearing a lot of blazers, layers, and neck pieces and finally, someone (namely Pax) confirmed to me that my default style is preppy. I thought to myself, "porke't naka-blazer, layered at bow tie, preppy na agad? 'di ba pwedeng lamigin lang talaga ako?"

But come to think of it, Pax was right! That's why I decided to give myself a style makeover! But before we go to that new style chapter of my life, here's a look dedicated to all things preppy… and nice.

Bow tie - Bench
Button downs - Penshoppe
Blazer - Solo
Belt - SM Accessories
Jeans - Lee
Shoes - Topman
Bag - Penguin
A closer look on preppi-ness...
Bench bow tie
SM Accessories belt
Topman shoes (got this at 50% off!)
Penguin bag (got this at Penguin's launch in Greenbelt)
Of course, a preppy style is not complete without a preppy (or sarcastic) facial expression.

More pa-cute preppy facial expression
Photos by the awesome Bestie
Now before you go jumping into any conclusions, no, I'm not giving up on my "default" look. Of course you will still see me in my "usual" style but this time, with a twist (whatever twist means).

If you were to style me for a day, what would you make me wear? I'd appreciate any suggestions.


  1. Si Pax na talaga nag naname ng style natin hahaha! ;p Anyway, bagay naman sayo blazer blazer mga pang OC ganyan. Try mo din yung preppy jughead look pag laidback ganap

  2. hahahaha natawa ako sa comment ni ana. so ano na peg mo ngaun? big reveal ba yan? avant garde? haha. But seriously, bagay sau yung mga "walang-time-magisip-kaya-poloshirt-nalang-look". Gow! or goth.. wag pleaaase.