David Guison is hands down, the best guy to check out when it comes to style and achievement! I look up to him (even though I'm way older! Shh...) in a lot of aspects of his life and sometimes I regret looking back at the time when I was the same age as him and did nothing but waste time and opportunities. Now I understand why they call him THE David Guison because he's really THE… and a whole lot of other things!

Speaking of achievements, David Guison recently styled (and did a workshop!) for ODM (L-Time Studio Fashion Series) and here's what they came up with!


odm believes that there are endless opportunities to catch, things to do, or moments to enjoy; no matter how short the time we have on hand. The collection named 60 sec features a simple and trendy analogue design to bring out the odm concept.

The numerals 2, 3, 5 and 9 are embossed on the double-layered dial, highlighted by a date window and the odm logo at 4 digit location. On the strap, the slogan 'odm 23:59 never too late' is etched on, revealing the main concept of the collection as well as reminding wearers that it's never too late to take action and capture every moment of life.


ARCO - odm's more aesthetic timepiece. The dial is quite different, featuring the unique and contemporary 3D structure rather than odm's iconic digital display. Its highlight is the remarkable architectural aesthetics with eye-catching multi-layered effect, coupled with a three-dimensional arc dil, in addition to simple curvy lines throughout an exquisite transparent round case.

This delicate collection fits the young consumer who pursues art and lifestyle.


Illumi is not your ordinary LED watch, but it has a hidden time function. When the watch is in off mode, you can only see some digit outlines. Yet when you activate it,  users will be delighted to see the colorful digits, and there is no need to do any complicated calculation. The time pattern changes every minute symbolizing the ever-changing of time, witnessing every moment of life.

On top of having a unique design rarely seen in the market, it has also adopted a monotone or contrasting color design, enhancing the colorful LED digits. On top of having majot functions, users will be delighted to discover the funky hourly chime with sound and light animation for the most fun way to read time.


More than just a watch, DD125 rainbow allows you to communicate in a truly innovative way. It is the link between you and your friends, bringing those around you even closer together. Rainbow is deliberately left blank, serving as a platform for expressing your feelings. Transfer your thoughts easily to your watch with the colorful CHAT Box device by just a few buttons - and find them scrolling across the watch, a fun reminder for all.

You can even pre-set a little surprise love message when you give the watch as a gift, what a cool and funky way to express yourself!

What's your pick? Whatever it is, I'm sure that you all will agree that David Guison and the odm styling project for the Fashion Series is a match made in creative heaven as both represent the values of creativity, dynamism, color-play and fun in their designs and creations.


  1. Haha! High five! I look up to him though I am a woman! That's the DG power :P

  2. Naalala ko tuloy yung oa pr mo kay papa david nung nsg meeting with zipz hehehe :P Anyway, ang cute nun white watch!
    #oplan_alis_backlogs #thepact

  3. you're the best paul!! i can say the same about you! glad we're friends!! :)

  4. My idol blogging about my other idol. So nice! haha


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