Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm a big music fan. I first associated myself with music through dancing! My first dance song? Electric Youth of Debbie Gibson. She's big during that time. Like how Britney Spears is big during hers. However, my talent in singing (Yes, I can sing. You should check out my Youtube videos, haha) is self-developed. I started to learn how to hum a tune when Westlife came out with their second song, If I Let You Go, from their first album. I'm a boy-band era kid! I also have a wide collection of tapes! Beat that. Haha.

Of course, as I got older, my taste in music evolved. My choices were never consistent though because I listen to a lot of different kinds of music but if ever I'll have a career as a singer, I'd definitely go for the alternative/rock genre. Along with the evolution was the transition of tape to CDs! I do collect CDs even though there's iTunes. It may not be as convenient and cheaper but I find attachment in things that are tangible. Like real books compared to e-Books! But let's save that for later. For the meantime, let me delight you with the latest record albums I bought. I hope you can relate.
Coldplay - Myloxyloto
Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
Adam Lambert - Trespassing
Keane - Strangeland
I've been attending concerts left and right and these are my most notable. Notable because I got good seats.
Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday (Roman Reloaded)
David Cook - This Loud Morning

What I do prior to the concert was to listen to the act's latest album. It's actually fun to sing along or at least recognize what the band or singer is playing than to just sit down while bobbing your head to the tune in pretension. Of course for the rest of the concerts this year, I'm ready! Been listening to...
Maroon 5 - Overexposed

Jessica Sanchez - American Idol Season 11 Highlights

The Fray - Scars & Stories

To make my "listening" experience worthwhile, I use this… No, it's not a macaron.
Zinken by Urbanears
More about this delicious looking headphones soon!

All CDs were bought at Astroplus, The Block, SM North


  1. I want those headphones!i love the colors!:)definitely a great way to accessorize!:)I can totally relate with your music taste i bought the maroon 5 cd and so far i'm still into it!:)

    1. isn't maroon 5 awesome? hehe. stay tuned for my full review of the headphones alright?

  2. Macaroons! For Maroon 5?! Haha

    Great post Paul! Love reading personal posts :)

    1. haha. di ko naisip yun ah. haha. thanks ruth!

  3. Hahaha nag Reregina Spektor ka din pala! :D Ang cool nung collection mo, gusto ko man mag collect, cluttered na room ko (thus, ebooks and iTouch, hehe).
    Kamusta yung David Cook? Di kami natuloy ni Krissy, excited na ako sa next concerts, sana foreals si Coldplay!!!