Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hey guys! How's Sunday treating you? Me? Well, I just woke up feeling awesome! Had the greatest day of my life yesterday.
To sum up my Saturday, here's what I did/accomplished:
*Slept at around 4:00am after my team's setup at Gateway Mall for the Nina Ricci Fantasy Launch

*Woke up at around 9:00am and got ready for my 1:00pm visit to Bench Trinoma to meet Rajo Laurel (which I never got the chance to do 'coz I left early) along with my fave blogger couples Seph/Shai and David/Lissa. Got some cool Rajo jeans by the way - more about this and my visit soon!

*Went to Gateway Mall for the Nina Ricci Fantasy launch and met up with Ana Gonzales and Dani Barretto. You girls are the bestest! Si Pax best lang (or boo?), she ditched my event. And to think she's just a stone's throw away from the mall! - more about the launch soon, too!

*Headed back to Trinoma (with Ana and Dani) to catch up with Pax for her Kashieca pull-out. Met JC Buendia and saw Ava too! Missed Cheyser though.

*Went to Red Mango (still at Trinoma) to gulo the mini party Krissy and Kira held for their awesome readers. Also discovered Dani's wacky side! Field trip pose pala ha?

*Had early dinner at Max's with Ana, Dani and Pax. Kira and Krissy caught up.

*Accompanied Dani at Oxygen to shop. She got me a very nice cardigan!

*Brought Dani home. I swear they had the very strictest security at their village (which is good)! Dani had to tell the guards "Palabasin nyo to ha?" in order for me and my driver to get out. And then, went home. Tired but happy!

Now why Sartorial Friday's? This is it. I got featured along with some stylish people roaming around the Power Plant Mall a couple of weeks ago as photographed by Ira Giorgetti on the mall's online style diary, Sartorial Friday's.
Hang Ten flannel button downs
Converse plaid Chuck Taylors
Lee Jeans
Oris watch
And on some kilig news (yes, men do get kilig), I woke up to read a tweet from my friend Mark Sablan (who is a magazine bigwig and also a blogger! check out his blog HERE) linking his conversation with pretty Steph Henares. I'm not gonna talk about it here though. But here's Mark's and Steph's Twitter links in case you are curious.

I also got a message awhile ago that I'll be working on a project along with some choice bloggers and this, my Sartorial Friday's feature.

And finally, I got the bestest work-related call of the day which took my all my work-related burdens away! This has got to be the best day (and yesterday's) God gave me. Thank you lord!

I'm happy. Very happy. I hope you are all too!


  1. You are so pogi kuya Paul! Glad to hear that you had a nice day!=)

  2. Nice to meet you last saturday. you guys are so nice and wacky :))


  3. looking gooood, mr PR guy. and congrats naman sa bonggang good news na deserve na deserve mo :) visit nyo naman ako ditoooo... stuck for a bit eh :(


  4. Wow!! Haha naaliw ako sa stories mo, Paul. Ramdam ko happiness mo! :D Yehey!! You deserve those blessings (lalo na work-related ones). Go go go! :D

  5. It was so nice seeing you again, Paul! You guys are so fun hahaha. See you soon!

  6. it was a blast seeing you last saturday at red mango. :)