Sunday, July 15, 2012


There's a new kind of milk tea in town and it's white! Excited to find out out what it is? I am too! But before we get to the big reveal, join me as we elevate the anticipation of knowing what this exciting new flavor Moonleaf has in store for us! How? You know what to do. (Click, click!)

If you want to be 1 of 30 people who will get the chance to be the first to taste the latest addition on Moonleaf's menu, I'm inviting you to join in this simple photo contest!

Here's how:
1. Post a photo or blog of your favorite WHITE object and tag Moonleaf Tea Shop on either…
Facebook (post a photo on your wall and tag Moonleaf!)
Twitter (post a photo, mention @moonleafteashop and use the hashtags #SomethingWhite and #MoonleafNewFlavor
Tumblr (post a photo or blog and tag us at #Moonleaf

2. White object may be any object with a white element (i.e. clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, food, etc.)

3. Five (5) entries with the highest number of likes will win from each platform, and five (5) entries chosen by the Moonleaf team will win from each platform as well. Ten (10) entries will win per platform, with a total of 30 entries winning from this contest.

4. Winners shall be announced on July 20 (next Friday) and notified through Facebook, Twiitter, and Tumblr.

Winners will get to first experience Moonleaf's NEW FLAVOR for FREE!

And here's my entry:
Technomarine and Swatch watches
My favorite white object or objects rather, are these watches! And to quote Bestie's winning entry (from the Nixon launch) "This white watch is a blank canvas. It's got the potential to be anything, but is already great in itself."
And just like this new flavor from Moonleaf, with its potential to be anything, I'm sure it's great in itself. After all, it's from Moonleaf!

Excited yet? We will all find out on July 20!


  1. I have both watches but my Technomarine's silver, not gold; and my Swatch is black. Same but different. Wala lang ;)

    1. hey mark! palit tayo ng technomarine watch? haha. i have the swatch watch in black din! how cool is that?

  2. Nanakawin ko minsan yang relo mo hahaha. Btw, ang ganda pala nung sinabi ni Bestie! Di ko masyado nadigest nung night na yun very deep lang hahaha! Good luck sa Moonleaf contest! :)