Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Xandra Rocha. Model. Entrepreneur (she owns Pinkerton Ice Cream!). Writes a food column for Business Insight and contributes to various food publications. A fixture (a beautiful one) in food events. And most importantly, she's an ordinary woman who also has her off days.

To recharge, Xandra treats herself to something indulgent, like a massage or a mouth-watering dessert. Yes folks, sweet food! "I want to eat my way around the world!" That's something you wouldn't expect to hear from a woman with a slim, svelte figure. She said that. Believe me.

Her daily work routine as the sole proprietor of a growing homemade ice cream business include orders, customer inquiries, and meetings - with the latter requiring to look good always. Xandra often turns to dressing well, but going back to her "off" days, she seeks the help of her black Jockey® Shapewear plus a pair of heels for that extra boost of confidence. "It helps me feel more put-together."

Here's Xandra Rocha for Jockey® Shapewear...
Of course, good undergarments are just one ingredient in the recipe for renewed confidence. For the dreaded "puson", Xandra recommends the High Waist Brief for its versatility, seamless construction and the ability to create a smooth mid-section while flattering the "right" curves but her personal favorite is the Slip Shaper, a body-hugging slip dress designed to smooth down curves from the bust until the knee.

"Look good, do good, feel good" is one of my favorite sayings," Xandra says. 'I feel most confident with myself when I eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get a good amount of sleep."

For a woman determined to travel the world, one bite at a time, she's certainly going to need all the confidence she can get and that's where the Jockey® Shapewear comes in.

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