I believe that there's beauty in simplicity that's why I'm keeping my intro short… and simple.

Introducing… the most ambitious headphones Urbanears has created!


The Zinken (as seen HERE and HERE) was developed with the professional DJ in mind but with respect to those who can't afford an ultra expensive pair of headphones. But mind you, even if it's designed to thrive in a DJ environment, the Zinken is also perfect for day-to-day use. Plus it's stylish in a conventional kind of way!

Don't let the simplicity of these headphones fool you 'coz it packs a punch and then some! Here are the reasons why…

The Zinken comes with the TurnCable!

Completely detachable, the TurnCable comes with two plugs, one on each end.
With a coiled section on the cord, the TurnCable lets you move about without getting unplugged and disrupting the sound coming from your headphones. it's also designed for maximum durability with a rugged Kevlar® core - a material strong enough to stop bullets.
A 6.3mm plug for your mixer...

and a 3.5mm plug for your iPhone or iPod! And coming from the Plattan headphones originally, the Zinken also has the ZoundPlug!

I find it sharing earphones with friends annoying and unhygienic at the same time. And if you're just like me, you will surely love this feature of the Zinken. You can let a friend (or girlfriend! - for that even sweeter listening experience) share music with the ZoundPlug! Just plug the other earphone and voila! You can enjoy listening to the same music minus the selfish "tugging" together.

The Zinken features swivel caps and an adjustable headband that allows you to wear your headphones in a variety of ways. The ear cushions are made with increased foam density for more comfort while providing superior noise isolation. Don't even let me get started with the sound! Just think: THIS IS MADE WITH DJS IN MIND. I must warn you though that the Zinken should not be used while driving because you might not hear the horn blowing from the next car trying to overtake yours. It's that good! And deadly...

Of course, the Zinken also features a microphone...

…and boasts of the yummiest colors ever known to men. This one is a tomato.

The Zinken's collapsible design also makes storage and transport easy, so you can toss them in your bag (which I'm not gonna do) and be on your way without worrying about space or damage.

The Zinken is available wherever Urbanears products are sold. For more information about the product, click HERE.


  1. Ok pwede nga reviewhin ang headset, nahirapan ako sa akin haha! I love na matte sha and pwede sha for "sharing" although ang oc mo talaga mas sweet kaya yung share talaga ng earphones hahaha!

  2. i need this in my life! hahaha!

  3. Ooh ganyan pala actual color ng Tomato, I thought mas red sya from the photos in the website ^_^


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