Thursday, August 30, 2012


You know what this means?
She's coming back!!! Yes! And this time, she'll be walking for Bench Universe: The 2012 Underwear and Denim Show happening on September 13 and 14. Excited? I'm sure you all are!

Now I've been very lucky enough to interact with her in person the first time she visited our country. She walked for Michael Cinco for Bench Impalpable during the recent Philippine Fashion Week. So far, she's the most popular personality that I get to feature here on my blog. And yes, I got to Instax her! Thank you Bench and Lawrence for hooking me up with her. I owe you big time!

Allison mesmerized me (and my older brother! He's such a fan. Hehe) the first time I saw her on Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model. She broke my heart the second time when she returned for the show's All-Stars Cycle where she placed second for the second time. Anyway, having the biggest fan base among all the other contestants in ANTM's history, she doesn't need to win to be successful because I think she already is! Who can refuse that cute quirkiness and those eyes?!

Allison Harvard - Top Model, All Star
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque

Here she is wearing a Rajo top and a Bench bottom.

Taken last June 2, 2012 at Glorietta. Same day as Bloggers United. How I managed to squeeze this in? I became Superman that day.
I look like her make-up artist here. Lol!
See more of Allison Harvard this September 13 and 14 at the Bench Universe 2012 Underwear and Denim Show. To know how to score tickets for the show, like Bench on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm starting a new numbered post (ala- look like a ceo... not!) here on the blog and here's the first one!

My week on Instagram…

Monday: Had a shoot with Yogi for Purple Groom. We were chosen as the grooming shop's brand ambassadors along with Manila's top beauty and fashion bloggers with their respective dog pets as well. (more about this on a separate post)
I loved my hairstyling that day. Thank you Bench Fix and The Face Shop!
Had my very first slab of bacon at Poco Deli. It was sinful!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Winner of Zipz Shoes is...
Aaron Alfaro
Winners of three Manels keyholders...
Orange keyholder - Chasenmae De Padua
Green keyholder - Jannell Cajote
Black keyholder - Kaiye Pallarco
Winner of my Yves Rocher giveaway...
Kim Yap
Congratulations guys! Please wait for my email on how to claim your prizes. Be patient because I tend to forget these things. Busy po lagi si The PR Guy.

To those who didn't win, I have three ongoing blog giveaways! Click on the following:
Nina Fantasy
The Body Shop
Cotton Project


Would you believe me if I tell you that all these four looks were taken in just one day? And in four different occasions as well!

I love dressing up in case you haven't noticed and sometimes I like to challenge myself by at least trying to look differently in all events (both professionally and personally - blog) that I go to. Case in point? This particular day where I juggled going to a client presentation/meeting, shoot and two events.

Here's my wardrobe for that day:

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hang Ten bids adieu to the rays of the summer sun and welcomes the refreshing change of weather with rack options for the bold and the adventurous. Presenting... the Cotton Project.

The Cotton Project explores wardrobe dictations fit for braving the wind chills for the anticipated turn of the season. This new line introduces a melange of updated looks from tops, jackets and layering essentials catering to the youthful demographic of fashion forward go-getters.

Whipping out styles perfect for the outdoors, Cotton Project marvels on the trend of layering from a generous offering of shearlings, puff jackets, and trench coats in muted and organic hues of gray, beige and whites with pops of color from wine and olive.

It's The Sartorial Lumberjack for the menswear and Subdued Androgyny for the Ladies!

With this newest fashion exploration, while still bannering the brand's stand on marrying form and function, the retail powerhouse's philosophy succeeds in redefining ready-to-wear with comfort meticulously coalescing with style.


I've always been curious as to what it'd be like to be an older brother to a sister. You see, all three of us siblings are boys. I'm the middle child (the charming and the most talented one, hehe - not worried for their violent reactions 'coz my bros doesn't check my blog... I think). My mom dreamt of having a female child and premature plans of showering her with all the kakikayan stuff a girl can get were even made! But mom is old and tired already (so is her eggs!) that's why she doesn't have any choice but to spend the rest of her life with her boys daydreaming of moments where she gets to braid the hair of a daughter that could be. But being the good sons that we are, we let her pierce our ears (yes, all three of us - I even had five ear piercings! believe me.) back when the trend for men earring were still catching up!

Now what if I had a sister? And a beautiful one named Dani at that? Let me share to you how a day with my sister from tita Marjorie (wow! close?) went by. Can you spell R-I-O-T?

Starting with what we wore for the rest of the day na Stylebible worthy pala. Both taken at the opening of Yabu at Robinsons Magnolia.
Nick Automatic top
Topman pants
Zipz shoes
Hair - Juro Salo Exclusif
And here's bunsong Dani (she doesn't want me to call any other young girl blogger bunso, mind you) - and together, we are the American flag.
Hair - Juro Salon Exclusif
Here's a rundown of what happened last Tuesday (August 21, 2012)

  • Met up with Dani past 12noon at Burgos Circle for our appointment at Juro Salon Exclusif were we had a pampering session. Mine's a quick one with master hair artist Jude Hipolito. Hers was a very long (#true) hair makeover! She had bangs done plus her hair color changed. (More about this on a separate post)
  • Left the salon at half past three. We decided to do a drive-thru at the nearest Mcdonald's because Dani needs her Twister Fries fix. Took a cab (my car was on coding that day but still I was able to, actually my driver did, bring it there at the given coding window time). Thank God the Mcdo that we went to had no drive-thru! We needed to get out of the cab because it smelled like a dead person (if that's even possible) took a ride there before us.
  • Took another cab to Serendra where Dani introduced me to the power of a well groomed brows at Browhaus. Yes folks! I had brow threading for Php580. 580 people! 580!!! (separate post for this)
  • Met up with Ana and Krissy before going to High Street to kill some time. We can't leave yet not until my car's coding is lifted up. Did Dani's outfit shots. Had some original glazed at Krispy Kreme. We waited. Someone's getting antsy - Dani. Ssh… When it was safe to go,
  • we rode our way from Fort Bonifacio to New Manila for the opening of Yabu at Robinsons Magnolia. Dropped off Krissy at Trinoma and fetched Bestie before proceeding to the Katsu palace where we got to endure some scream fest courtesy of Dani when we passed Balete Drive.
  • Finally arrived at Yabu Robinsons Magnolia just in time before the program started. We ate. Laughed. Ate some more. Laughed some more. Then went home happy with a full tummy (hehe).

About having a sister
I don't need another one. I already have. Her name's Dani. Protective kuya mode on.


I first saw this girl that I'm featuring here on my Instaxed! post a couple of years (or was it more?) ago while I was watching ASAP. She was with her co-artists then - Jaco Benin, The Lamars, Krissy & Ericka, who all have earned their fair share of spotlight in the music and entertainment scene under the Cornerstone Talent Management Center (the same agency who manages Sam Milby, Yeng Constantino etc…).

Now, it's Emmanuelle Vera's turn on the spotlight.
Emmanuelle is sweet, smart, beautiful in every way, and very talented! Yes, she has it brimming on all sides!

Appearing in several ABS-CBN shows including a role where she played antagonist to Sarah Geronimo's character might be her most challenging (I think) that she did but don't let her pretty face and demeanor fool you 'coz in reality, she is SUGAR and SWEET and everything NICE. Seriously.

With her sweet voice coupled by her songwriting skills, Emmanuelle is all set to conquer music charts and the OPM scene. (She's signed under the Universal Records label) But did you know that she's also a commercial model?

Friday, August 24, 2012


It's out!

The Multiply ad which I'm part of is out! Catch me at 0:05 and 0:25. Or better yet, see the rest of the ad! It's just 30 seconds.:) Enjoy!

Multiply the Finds. Multiply the Fun.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I got the surprise of my life as a blogger right before the long weekend started. It's from a client of mine who happens to have a son who reads my blog. The surprise? This leather jacket and camouflage top from Zara. I also got a Zara jeans which I decided not to wear on this set. Let's just save that for another look post shall we?

I just wished that these items were handed to me after my presentation (for a campaign we're working on which I'm gonna reveal soon) because right after I received these, I had a hard time keeping my game face on. So hard to concentrate but still, I'm thankful. Beauty Elements Ventures, you're the best.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


There's a new branch of Yabu in town and it opens today!

And I was there last night for its pre-opening party and here I am blogging about it on time! Haha. I'm so proud of myself.

Here's what happened!


To say Filipinos are big fans of Korean artists would be an understatement. Why? You should've seen the ELFs who went to the launch of Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae for Bench last August 15 at Trinoma! They are one big, crazy and deafening (but still fun) bunch I tell you.

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Korean artists or Super Junior for that matter (I only know their "Sorry, Sorry" song - which is quite good!), but I do appreciate them and I must admit that I had a blast even though I lost my sense of hearing for a while back there. But come to think of it, if these guys makes my fellow countrymen go crazy and happy with their presence, then count me in as a fan as well. After all, what makes Filipinos happy makes me happy too!

Another thing, I would like to congratulate Bench for bringing them here. You never run out of surprises! You're one of the reasons why I'm proud to be a Filipino. That and the reason why foreign artists keep on coming back to our shores… our being warm and hospitable. Such is the case of the fans of Siwon and Donghae who showed hospitality in abundance and in deafening proportions.
Korean Goddess Jinri Park hosted the event

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've mentioned in my recent The Body Shop entry that the brand is going digital in doing their part in saving and protecting the planet by encouraging their Love Your Body members/cardholders in giving up their plastic cards and go digital instead with the Love Your Body Digital Membership Card. This is my first time to register for the exclusive perks and discounts of The Body Shop via its membership card and here I'll show you a step-by-step process on how it's done with my iPhone. (iPad and iTouch also compatible; Soon for other Android phones).

1. Go to any The Body Shop store and inquire for the Love Your Body digital membership card. Log in your name and mobile number.

2. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone prompting you to download the Perkd app in order for you to get the card.
(Read through the rest of this post because I and the gorgeous people behind The Body Shop has prepared a giveaway for you)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Prestige Brands Philippines held a fantasy-themed event in Gateway (Cubao) to launch Nina Fantasy, the latest fragrance from Nina Ricci.

Stepping in the venue is like entering a different kind of world where unicorns and fairies exist and the colors white and pink is in abundance.

Here are the fantastic ladies I was with during the event...

Ana and Dani


If you did your part in helping out the victims of the recent flooding and typhoon by giving out your old clothes and stuff, Forever21 is rewarding your kindness back because it's their SALE (up to 50% off!) starting tomorrow until Sunday (August 17 - 19) at their SM Makati store!
Present your Forever21 MasterCard or SMAC/BDO rewards, and get 10% off on regular items!

Present your F21 MasterCard and SMAC/BDO Rewards on August 17 10am to 12nn and get 10% + 10% off on regular items with a minimum purchase of Php5,000.

BDO Card holders can avail of 5% rebate with a minimum purchase of Php5,000, for all 3 days. Plus, you get a limited F21 umbrella if you spend a minimum of Php3,000 single receipt purchase on regular items!
It's time to fill out those closets back! Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


No, I'm not referring to the famous vampire household here. I'm talking about my Siberian Husky - Cullen, and he's making his big debut here on my blog! Warning: Photo dump ahead!
Though he is not my first dog to be featured here (see my St. Bernard - Golly, HERE), he's the eldest and the most astig naman. Right? Thus, my get-up.

Monday, August 13, 2012


It's MANELS Anniversary Sale starting this August 15 to 21! If you're looking for the real deal when it comes to sales, this one you shouldn't miss! Why? Because ALL shoes, bags and leather items are 50% OFF at ALL MANELS branches!
The 50% OFF madness starts this Wednesday! Tamang tama lang sa payday! Happy MANELS shopping!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Just when I thought that I wouldn't get the chance to post my coverage of the recent Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 (for fear of people telling me that it's too passe, I mean come on! The next PFW is just a couple of months away!) especially that of Jerome Salaya Ang's show, here comes Preview with their August 2012 issue featuring their Top 10 picks as worn by 10 of the fashion world's icons. And yes, they did do photoshop! Shamelessly but unsurprisingly really good! Kudos Preview!

First on the list is Anna Dello Russo in Ezra Santos followed by Carine Roitfeld in Jerome Salaya Ang. (See the rest of the other 8 at the bottom of this post)
Preview on Jerome's Holiday 2012 Collection, "Victorian beauty is preserved in Jerome Ang's macabre take on memento mori. "They photograph the dead amongst the living so the beauty is extended even after life," the designer explains. That rationalizes the models bound (as if ready for final sleep) but decked out in all finery. And what fancy trappings: Jerome's signature surface aberrations came to fore with an extravagant texture on texture interplay-leather disc paillettes, midnight rosettes, pearlized beadings, floral appliques, gold threaded knits, and embossed hand paintings. 19th century corsetry and lacing were reworked as decorative accents, losing their constrictive menace. It was an obsessive compulsive focus on details with an elaborate manipulation of fabrics that gave each piece an artisinal finish. And it' easy to get lost in all that lavish composition too, asphyxiating design with feminity, but Jerome never crosses that line; his will always be the savage beauty that every girl-about-town wants to wear and display in fierce anti-fashion fashion.
Jerome Salaya Ang closed the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 as its finale. And here it is...
A word from Runway Productions Director, Joey Espino
L'oreal Paris presents, the Holiday 2012 collection of Jerome Salaya Ang...

Let the drama begin!

Friday, August 10, 2012


In case you're wondering where I get my inspirations or the drive to dress up, well I let the events that I'm going to or the activities that are lined up for me dictate what I'll be wearing that day. But more than the choice of clothing, the brands associated with whatever event that I'm going to also influences the settings or the background where which I'm gonna have my photo taken. Take this set for instance. I wore this at the opening of the Yves Rocher store in Trinoma.

Yves Rocher by the way is a real person. He is the founder of the No.1 skin care, cosmetics and beauty institute in France which also bears his name, Yves Rocher. My inspirations for this look (and the backdrop!)? Him being a business magnate and the source of his success - botanical products.

Nature inspired eh?


Embracing the beauty of technology to save Mother Earth, The Body Shop Philippines recently launched a virtual movement that aims to put an end to the use of plastic membership cards issued to its "Love Your Body" rewards programme members.

The Body Shop Philippines, being the first-ever TBS market in Asia Pacific to adopt this kind of technology that enables its members to conveniently access their LYB membership/rewards programme anytime, anywhere using an iPad, iPhone, or iPhone 3G/4s, aims to encourage as many members as they can, both new and existing, to support the movement by switching to the virtual card. Android Smartphones users can also have access to it in two month's time.

Dubbed "Love Your Body loves Green," this virtual shift is one of the many ways wherein the company, being an ethical and natural brand, is able to further its commitment to protect the planet. All these form part of The Body Shop's new beauty movement "Beauty with Heart" that places an emphasis on a beauty experience that is more than skin-deep, putting a human stamp on beauty and empowering people to "look good, feel good, and do good."

For more information on the virtual movement, visit The Body Shop SM Mall of Asia or go to

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hang Ten launched their latest label - Cotton Project, via an interactive and fun camping event last Saturday (August 4) at Ariato (Penthouse), Il Terrazzo.

Join me as I take you to an adventure in the great outdoors (indoors actually) where bloggers braved the Manila weather and became Hang Ten campers for half a day.
We needed to choose our own colors to determine which team we will be part of. Can you guess which color I got?

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Nixon, the watch, audio and accessories brand from Southern California recently launched their Season 2 − 2012 collection at 7th High last July 5, 2012.

Team-designed and custom-built, Nixon's latest line introduced fresh flavors like leopard print acetate, the ultra utilitarian All Black Nylon Collection, the shockingly vibrant Orange Bang Collection along with a dose of dreamy Rose Gold/Chocolates watches, and more!


JanSport announced its global collaboration with 21 boutique retailers to create a series of limited edition iconic JanSport Right Packs with one-of-a-kind patches last July 19, 2012 at Sole Academy. Now on its third year, the Right Pack Signature Series program features four veteran retailers from 2011 and welcomes 17 new boutique retailers from around the globe.

21 select boutique retailers in North America, South America, Asia and Europe have designed unique patches that embrace the culture specific to each retailer's respective community. The limited edition patches have been applied to JanSport's original Right Pack in Black and will be available for purchase at participating retail locations starting July of this year.

Let me give you a summary of what happened during the launch via photos and also, a quick tour of the Sole Academy store.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Another Instaxed! post! Wow. That's two in a row (er, sort of)!

Though David Guison might be the first male person I got to Instax, I think it's just fair if I make way for the guy who inspired me to start this expensive hobby. Presenting... Mr. Instax himself! RJ Roque.
Taken at the opening of Forever 21 (SM North, The Block), this was my first time to meet him. The guy is awesome and stylish and above all, he's nice!

Can't think of much to say that's why I'm directing you to his site. Prepare to be amazed! Click HERE.

Mr. Instax, RJ Roque
Instaxed! As inspired by him

PS: Grab a copy of Chalk August 2012 issue. He's featured there alongside my equally stylish friend, Dani Barretto as part of Bright Young Manila's The Fash Pack.