Though the opening of Forever 21 at the Mall of Asia might be the fulfillment of the dreams of some those who lives down south and in the Manila area, I'm talking about someone else's dream here. Mine. 
Curious? Well, you have to get to the bottom of this post first!

In the meantime… Forever 21 is now open at the Mall of Asia! Ooops… said that already. Missed the opening? Don't worry. I took some photos for you. Enjoy!
VJ Joyce Pring hosted the event
A message from the President of Forever 21, Mr. Alex Ok
What's a Forever 21 event without a fashion show right? The latest looks of the season where paraded at the same runway where I *ehem*ehem* walked. (Now there's a hint)

Actually all who were at the activity area got the chance to walk the runway! It was not just me and the models you know.

We were then led to the second floor via the runway (through the backstage) to witness the cutting of the yellow ribbon...

…with matching yellow confetti shower! And then the shopping ensued...

I was not able to buy any stuff for myself because I got intimidated by the long line at the counters (I don't like lines) and at the same time overwhelmed by what happened to me. Be revealing that in a bit.

Another break, these are the fashionable people who braved the long lines...
Annah and Lance
Jai and Joj (or Joj and Jai?)
the twins, Wendy, Myrtle and Karen
Finally met Jane Kingsu-Cheng of Forever 21!
with Pax and Forever 21's Jane Kingsu-Cheng - nice meeting you Jane!
Here's a quick tour of the fifth Forever 21 store (minus the crowd).

Photos from Forever 21
You want to extend the Forever 21 shopping experience? Give the gift of fashion! Forever 21 Gift Cards in Php2,000 and Php1,000 denominations.

And for yourself, the ultimate fashion accessory! The Forever 21 MasterCard.
Enjoy exclusive perks and privileges like the Special Rewards Program, Preferential Treatment during sale events and special offers, Free Membership Fee for Life for the First Supplementary Card, and Global Recognition when you use the Forever 21 MasterCard. Apply for the card now and get freebies from Gong Cha and Forever 21! Just go to any Forever 21 store as well as BDO branches or simply download the application form at www.bdo.com.ph
And finally, it's time for the big reveal! I was named best-dressed with four other fashionable people during the event and I got to keep a new phone (as seen HERE)! But that's not THE dream that I was talking about. Here it is…

I got to walk the runway! (Though not deliberately but still…) And at a big Forever 21 fashion show/event at that! Haha. This has been my dream ever since I stopped growing vertically and I have Samsung and of course Forever 21 to thank for that dream fulfilled. Thank you.
Forever 21 blazer
Forever 21 button down
SM Accessories belt
Lee jeans
Flying Dutchman shoes
Here are more photos from my favorite people in the blogosphere!
Fellow best-dressed! Stylish couple Fox (http://lewildfox.blogspot.com/) and Wolf (aka Lance Raymundo)
Idol, Victor Basa (http://victorbasa.net/)! Maraming maraming salamat!
Daryl Chang and I. We were the last two who were called best-dressed. Wow. 

And Dani Barretto (http://dani-barretto.blogspot.com/)! The mastermind behind the pauso-field-trip-pose.
Do visit Forever 21 at the Mall of Asia now! They have ongoing promos that I'm sure you'l get excited about! You don't believe me? Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@Forever21ph) for proof. There's also something new at Forever 21! Check out www.forever21ph.com to find out.


  1. Congrats! Ang kulit ng last pic =P

  2. So proud of you, Paul!! Well-deserved! Bongga ng photo with Daryl Chang! AHHH ♥ Hahaha pero mas bongga yung last photo. Fieldtrip pose!! :D

    Arnie Villanueva


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