Hang Ten launched their latest label - Cotton Project, via an interactive and fun camping event last Saturday (August 4) at Ariato (Penthouse), Il Terrazzo.

Join me as I take you to an adventure in the great outdoors (indoors actually) where bloggers braved the Manila weather and became Hang Ten campers for half a day.
We needed to choose our own colors to determine which team we will be part of. Can you guess which color I got?
A healthy feast was waiting for us when we arrived. We needed all the energy we can get that day that's why fruits is the way to go.

And here's what the great outdoors indoors looked like...

Stations where the challenges awaited us were labeled. There were six!

This one was the most challenging! May crocodile oh.

We were also handed these survival kits to help us with the challenges we are going to face that day.

And the adventure began...

Apologies for the lack of real-action photos of the challenges. We were all busy and a little too competitive that day. Haha. To give you a quick run-through on what challenges we faced that day, see map below.
Challenges not necessarily in order my team took:
1. Accessories making
4. Eating Contest
5. Flag Making
2. Guess The Riddle
3. Takeshi's Castle
6. Final Area Styling
And here are the final outcome of the styling challenge from each team...
Yellow Team (Angel, Catch, Miko, Nika and boyfriend)
Green Team (David, Sarah, Nicole and Aivan)
And here's the product of my team's efforts...
Red Team (Me, Ana, Kelly, Carizza and Aisa na saling-pusa kasi dumating nung awarding ceremony na)
And then there's the awarding…

Angel, Catch and Aivan were awarded with the "Early Birds" honor for being early at the pickup point (Megamall).

And to my surprise, I was awarded the "Best Team Leader" honor! I was up against David and Angel who were leaders in their respective teams.

The green team was awarded the "Best Styling" honor for their Cotton Project inspired styling.
Sarah Tirona, cocky much? Haha.
One more time with their mannequins...

And guess who won as the "Best Team" who completed all the challenges first? It was us! The Red Team! Woohoo!

Group picture!
umextra pa si ateng mannequin
eto naman, nakakahiya sa halaman
Camp Hang Ten was a breathe of fresh air from all the other events we bloggers have been attending to lately. It was fun, interactive and it also gave us the chance to loosen up! No heels and fancy shoes for the ladies and no blazers for us er… me.

For more about the Cotton Project, click HERE.


  1. Congrats! Ang galing ng tandem nyo nila Ana and Kelly with Carizza. Pansin ko lagi ka may award. Hehehe :)

  2. competitive! hahaha it was really fun! borrow ako pics paul!

    now what to do with our pins? XD


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