Friday, August 3, 2012


Another Instaxed! post! Wow. That's two in a row (er, sort of)!

Though David Guison might be the first male person I got to Instax, I think it's just fair if I make way for the guy who inspired me to start this expensive hobby. Presenting... Mr. Instax himself! RJ Roque.
Taken at the opening of Forever 21 (SM North, The Block), this was my first time to meet him. The guy is awesome and stylish and above all, he's nice!

Can't think of much to say that's why I'm directing you to his site. Prepare to be amazed! Click HERE.

Mr. Instax, RJ Roque
Instaxed! As inspired by him

PS: Grab a copy of Chalk August 2012 issue. He's featured there alongside my equally stylish friend, Dani Barretto as part of Bright Young Manila's The Fash Pack.

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