Friday, August 3, 2012


With the weather acting like a spoiled 7-year old rich brat, look shots done outdoors can be quite challenging. And when the sun eventually shows up, giving the citizens of Manila false hopes of a great weather day, you have to seize the moment by click and clicking away as if your life depended on it. After all the sun is just gonna shine for a couple of minutes and then comes the rain (all throughout the day!). You want a wet camera? I know I don't! Not my Apple...

This set by the way was just random. My car was parked a few blocks away from my client's office and on my way back, found this attractive looking wall just right up the alley near where my car is. Ganda no? If I was a bum, I'd be spray-painting alleys like this the whole bumming days of my life.

I was with Myrtle prior this shoot (see THIS) and you know how the girl dresses right? I was pressured to somehow dress the part up because aside from Myrtle, my client (who requested not to be named, hehe) also has a great reputation in dressing up. She's not named best-dressed two times in a row (or was it three?) in a recent event for nothing you know.

Zara denim jacket
Uniqlo collared shirt
Lee cargo pants
Flying Dutchman shoes

Apologies for the photo dump. My two photographers went trigger-happy with my camera. The outcome made me happy though (hence, the dump).

Got this cool denim covered notebook from Lee during the launch of the Shadow Play contest which I blogged about HERE. Don't forget to join for a chance to win 2,000USD!!!
I think you can also get this notebook for FREE if you purchase something from Lee. Do like them on Facebook for details!
Photos by Lisa and Patrick