Thursday, August 23, 2012


I got the surprise of my life as a blogger right before the long weekend started. It's from a client of mine who happens to have a son who reads my blog. The surprise? This leather jacket and camouflage top from Zara. I also got a Zara jeans which I decided not to wear on this set. Let's just save that for another look post shall we?

I just wished that these items were handed to me after my presentation (for a campaign we're working on which I'm gonna reveal soon) because right after I received these, I had a hard time keeping my game face on. So hard to concentrate but still, I'm thankful. Beauty Elements Ventures, you're the best.

I was supposed to just stay in (at home) over the long weekend but it was opportune that the family decided to go on a random trip to Clark, Pampanga and since I got new stuff to wear, the timing couldn't have been better!

I already set my mind that the next look shoot I'm gonna do the first time I laid my eyes on these jacket and top is definitely someplace military and I think I found the perfect backdrop. Don't you agree?

Zara jacket
Zara camouflage shirt
Bench cropped shorts
Flying Dutchman shoes
SM Accessories bag

SM Accessories bracelets
Tag Heuer watch
SM Accessories canvas bag
Urbanears Plattan headphones
The PR Guy Feels.
I'm blessed with friends whom I consider my gold, a family who never ask too much from me, the perfect clients (who occasionally surprise you with things out of the contexts of my business), and a thriving business. Though it may sound weird to ride on clouds that are green, everything is just in abundance right now that blue skies falls lame in my dictionary.

On that note, do check out my friend Renzo's blog HERE. He's a good writer! I just hope that he updates more often. And oh, I just found out that he helped his mom pick out these Zara stuff for me. Talk about having a good sense of style. Cool eh?


  1. How perfect is your background for the look! :) Love the look of those earphones too. It's big but not too bulky like others. May gold and white ba nyan? Haha that would be nice :p

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  2. Your camou top is awesome. I want that print too but for jacket. :D

    xx Diana

  3. Eto yooon!! OMG I love the photos, Paul!! :) You're really blessed with generous blog readers, hanep pati client! Apir!! :D You deserve it!