Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm starting a new numbered post (ala- look like a ceo... not!) here on the blog and here's the first one!

My week on Instagram…

Monday: Had a shoot with Yogi for Purple Groom. We were chosen as the grooming shop's brand ambassadors along with Manila's top beauty and fashion bloggers with their respective dog pets as well. (more about this on a separate post)
I loved my hairstyling that day. Thank you Bench Fix and The Face Shop!
Had my very first slab of bacon at Poco Deli. It was sinful!

I also got to keep new stuff from Nick Automatic! Thanks Niche!
Attended the Zen Zest event at Mango Tree in High Street where I got these loot. Giveaway on the blog soon! Thanks Liz and Michelle!
New things to play with my camera! Top: Diffusers in three color effects. Bottom: Remote (Now I can do my outfit shots ala-Tricia Gosingtian)
New shoes! Hong Kong brand from JTomas Collections. Came across this on Multiply. Bought this for an event I was supposed to attend today.
May the odds be ever in your favor! Hunger Games DVD box set! It came with a Mockingjay necklace!
Saturday: Went to Laguna for a client meeting. Took a quick break at SM San Pablo before going home where I got these books from National Bookstore!

And that's it! More Instagram posts next week.

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  1. ako follow mo din joshrjay .....

  2. Panalo yun camera toys! Bet the Tricia G remote, haha!
    Jan pala galing yung mockingjay necklace na klinepto ko hahahaa!
    And of course, forever cutie pie naman nitong si Yogi! :)

  3. Super cute dog! And yeay for camera toys. It helps to have a remote talaga which is why I should get one soon :)) New to your blog & im enjoying your posts. Fun! :)