Hang Ten bids adieu to the rays of the summer sun and welcomes the refreshing change of weather with rack options for the bold and the adventurous. Presenting... the Cotton Project.

The Cotton Project explores wardrobe dictations fit for braving the wind chills for the anticipated turn of the season. This new line introduces a melange of updated looks from tops, jackets and layering essentials catering to the youthful demographic of fashion forward go-getters.

Whipping out styles perfect for the outdoors, Cotton Project marvels on the trend of layering from a generous offering of shearlings, puff jackets, and trench coats in muted and organic hues of gray, beige and whites with pops of color from wine and olive.

It's The Sartorial Lumberjack for the menswear and Subdued Androgyny for the Ladies!

With this newest fashion exploration, while still bannering the brand's stand on marrying form and function, the retail powerhouse's philosophy succeeds in redefining ready-to-wear with comfort meticulously coalescing with style.

And here's another giveaway for you! Remember THIS Camp Hang Ten post? I want to extend my experience with you by giving you the chance to win this survival kit I got from the event. It has Hang Ten stuff, Zalora Gift Certificates, and other survival necessities like compass, etc…

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This contest is open to male and female residents of the Philippines only. Contest will run until September 3, 2012.

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  2. You really have an awesome blog Paul. You have great skills in photography as well as in writing. Enjoying your blog every time I visit.

    GFC name: rejj sibayan
    email address:
    Twitter ID: @rejjisheart

  3. I love reading your blog because I learn a lot from it! :))
    It's better than window-shopping. I get to see a lot of stuff, get entertained without paying and I don't even have to tire myself by walking around :DD

    I also read Dani's blog and the pictures you took of her are superb ^_^

    GFC: Harmony Valdoz
    E-mail Address:
    Twitter: @hahaharmony_

  4. Yay! :) dont you know your the only male blogger that i followed because i see your link with miss ava when katy perry was envious :p more power to your blog i hope it will hit its 1million views soon :))
    GFC: jenny07_tm
    twitter: @B1l0g
    email add:

  5. "Hi!" :) thats all... hehe

    GFC: Allen Corpuz
    email add:
    twitter: @trolli25

  6. Only male blogger I follow. Good stuff! Great looks!

    GFC: Howee
    email add:
    twitter: imhowee

  7. Wow!Ang daming giveaway ni Sir Paul,sana nmn manalo ako kahit isa:)Hihi...Thanks Sir Paul:)Sana tuloy tuloy na toh:)

    GFC :arra
    Twitter: @NakedArra

  8. Hi! I totally need the survival kit specially at these times...

    GFC: Ronald Christopher
    Twitter: rcrint

  9. Hi I just discovered your blog recently. Upon reading from your blog I really learned a lot. I even learned something about you like how you love dress to up :). I also learned whats in and what must have. I hope you get to blog also anything about health care. If you don't mind.. You see its very important nowadays to be more knowledgeable about health like how to maintain being fit without ruining your style, like knowing if your healthy or not.. Many people these days are not aware if they are really fit or not. what's important to them is to stay beautiful or sexy disregarding their health. For me being beautiful is being healthy, in that way you get to carry your style confidently.. :)

    GFC: Carmina Aguilar
    Twitter: @hanim10


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