Monday, September 10, 2012


Bench officially launched Coco Martin and and his three signature scents for the brand yesterday, September 9, at the Music Hall in SM Mall of Asia.

Everyone (Yes. Even men! Lol) at the venue can't seem to get enough of Coco Martin. I must admit that this (and Michael Cinco's Impalpable show at the recent PFW) would be my favorite production of Bench in their continuous celebration of their 25th year in the industry. Everything was just in-line with the scent's core and very well executed! Consistent, collaborative and concert-like. Haha. That's three C's for you.
It's a bird! it's a plane! No, it's a flying thingamajig from the launch. Cool eh?
If you missed the launch, don't fret. I covered it for you. And speaking of three C's, let me present to you, the Coco Martin Signature Scents for Bench...
Comrade Deo Cologne is an energizing, everyday scent with a hint of sophisticated oriental twist. Filled with aromatic notes of wood, citrus and fruit, it's perfect for that all-time memorable date.

Conviction Deo Cologne boasts of an all-natural, woody scent. Infused with aromatic and spicy notes dominated by wood, citrus and fruit. This classic scent is a versatile winner that gives lasting confidence all-day long.

Speaking of classic...

Courage Deo Cologne's woody and leathery scent gives off a manly feel with a combination of bergamot, incense, wood and amber notes. It is perfect for those special occasions that command attention.

Attention ba kamo?

All three Coco Martin Deo Colognes are now available at Bench stores nationwide. 

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