Sunday, September 9, 2012


Wore this last Sunday to church. I was feeling a bit detective-ish (lol). Kidding! The truth is, I'm hiding my tired eyes and I was feeling a bit ahm, sick. Hence the layers.

Merging the Hardy Boys' youth and Sherlock Holmes' fashion sense, this is what I came up with:

Now let's do some detective stuff shall we?

1st item: The aviators.
a. Is it unisex?
b. For men
c. Or just meant for the ladies?

2nd item: The shoes. They're brand new by the way. How much do you think a pair cost?
a. Less than Php1,000
b. More than Php1,000
c. So expensive I can't even tell you the price

Last item: The jacket. What is it hiding?
a. A hood
b. Bills and coins
c. 3 phones
101 New York jacket
Muji white chambray (inner)
Topman chinos
Ever New shades
SM Accessories belt
Milanos shoes

Photos by Patrick
Done answering? This is not a contest by the way. If you want to join in a real (and exciting!) one, you might want to consider my Rajo! for Milanos contest! Details HERE.

Now going back to the post, let me present to you the evidences:
1st item: The aviators are actually from Ever New which means that it's meant for the ladies! Looks unisex but wait until you see the mini hearts embedded at the handles.
2nd item: The shoes are less than a Php1,000 from Milanos! Would you believe that? Very affordable and stylish too!
3rd item: The jacket hides a hood. I'll be showing that to you on my future outfit post!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. Panalo ang multiple choice style hehe!
    Congrats sa 200th "follower"! :)

  2. The best ka talaga mag-blog, Paul! Not the typical "this-is-what-I-wore" post. :D Love the shoes, too!

    Arnie Villanueva

  3. Awesome colors Paul :)
    hehehe love the multiple choice effect (a.b.c)

    Michael Macalos

  4. Innovative way of putting it! I want those chinos... :'(

    Fritz Kareem Valle