Sunday, September 16, 2012


These past weeks has been a whirlwind of many "firsts" for me.

It was my first time to watch "Somewhere In Time." (Don't judge)

My first time to encounter the Firmoo brand,

and my first time to attend a 1920's themed event.

So how are these things interrelated with my featured look of the day?
Well, let's just say that everything was done in perfect "timing."
Zara fedora
Firmoo glasses
Topman blazer
Topman shirt (inner)
Topman braces
Topman trousers
Hong Kong brand shoes
SM Accessories bag
Donned this uber classic look at the Laura Mercier event held at Prive (Fort Strip) a couple of weeks ago. The theme was 1920s glam. To my understanding, it's Paul - The Dapper Guy. I had it easy.

I've always believe in the "Perfect Timing" mantra. Perfect example would be the timing of me watching the movie "Somewhere In Time" and then getting an invitation to attend an event with a classic theme which prompted me to re-visit the movie for outfit inspirations (only to find out that the movie's setting was in the 1900s, but still…).

I wanted to achieve a polished gentleman look, pretty much that of Christopher Reeve's in the movie, and to complete everything,

I needed a good pair of spectacles. A classic looking one!

I'm glad that the Free Firmoo glasses I have signed up for arrived on time. Earlier than I expected!
I still can't go over the vintage looking case that came with my pair of glasses. Everything was just in line with… everything!
Looks good right? The glasses?

Firmoo offers over 300 styles of affordable and stylish frames for you to choose from. Customers can even get 8 pairs of different eyewear for the price of 1 that is commonly sold on retail outlets or at the mall!

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  1. Super #LikeABoss outfit!!! Love it <3


  2. Paul... That movie... My gosh... One of my favorites!!!!! The first songs I taught myself on the piano were the Somewhere in Time theme song and the Theme of Paganini (also in the movie). And then you made an outfit post where you look like Christopher Reeves. And Christopher Reeves also happens to be Superman. And now I'm never going to stop blabbing coz I love this blog post so much. Naiiyak ako.

  3. Wow you really look good! :)