Monday, September 10, 2012


I have always been fascinated with the Hamptons (no thanks to the foreign movies and TV shows that I've had immersed myself with over the years). I get excited when a certain character from a movie mentions the word Hamptons prompting everyone to feign snootiness and act high and mighty. Thus my fascination deepens. What's up with Hamptons anyway? I tried googling it and the results were not enough to satisfy the curiosity that is eating me up from inside. All I know is that when you go to the Hamptons, dress as the Hamptons people do.

And based on the movies, they usually dress like this...

...which I must say, very The PR Guy.
Not just for the Hamptons, here's my kind of clothing: Robe Di Kappa!

The brand takes pride in "informal casual to pure elegant casual" clothes. Robe Di Kappa is specifically designed for those open-minded individuals who prefer modern, high quality apparel both during their leisure and professional activities that allow for sophisticated clothing.

Robe Di Kappa is the Italian brand that you would be proud to wear. Especially in places like the Hamptons. Hehe.

Simple. Classic. Functional. Technical. Elegant. These are the five brand philosophies exuded by all products of Robe Di Kappa. Five things that will truly make consumers trust the name. And the real mark of its premium quality: the official and iconic Robe Di Kappa logo.

Iconic Italian brand Robe Di Kappa successfully opened its first store in the Philippines at the 2nd level of The Podium Mall in Ortigas. Also it first ever branch in Asia, the Italian elegant casual wear brand aims to capitalize on key countries whose interest for classic apparel and true European fashion proves to be a worthy venture.

Robe Di Kappa is also available at Hobbies and Sports, Alabang Town Center.

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