I don't exactly remember what my first phone was but one thing's for sure, being the OC person that I am, I bought a lot of stuff (accessories included) to keep my phone neat and safe from scratches etc... My first touch screen phone is an iPhone4. Considering the price tag and sensitivity that came along with its touch screen feature, of course I have to invest extra to give my phone an assurance of an extended gadget life. For kids who recently just had their first iPhone (4 and/or 4s), kayo na ang mayaman! But seriously, I'd recommend buying this Simplism Starter Pack as well!
Simplism Starter Pack for iPhone4s &4 at Php1,349
It basically has "everything" your first iPhone needs!
1. Silicone Neck Strap
2. Ear Pads
3. Cable Clip
4. USB Charger
5. Universal Dock Adaptor
6. Silicone Case
7. Display Protector Film, Cleaning Cloth, Leveler, Dust-removing Tape
I also collected phone/neck straps back on my earlier days as a first time phone owner and I still cringe at the thought of those colorful things and the idea of putting them around my neck while showing off my phone (eh Nokia 3310 lang naman) but I realized that beyond that, it has a vital role in keeping you from accidentally dropping your phone or misplace it. For a not so flashy and professional take on the neck strap, Simplism has this:

Simplism Dockstrap NEO for iPhone at Php499
Or this! If you feel that the idea of having your iPhone around your neck is too "mayabang."
Simplism DockCarabiner NEO for iPhone at Php599
The dock, deceiving as it may look, can actually hold your iPhone in place! Just press its sides and plug it in the USB dock slot, release the hold and voila! Your iPhone is now secured.

Simplism is available at Switch, Digital Hub, iStudio, Digital Walker, Beyond The Box, Power Mac Center, iCenter, E-Central, Power Hub, Sidrah, 8Telcom, Gui, The Inbox Store and Technoholics


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