Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I don't know if I've already made a point but I love dressing up. And so does my gadgets!

And just when you thought that the ultimate multi-tasker (the iPhone) can't go beyond it's ability to multi-task, in comes the Boostcase Hybrid Wallet Case!

The Hybrid Wallet is a slim-fitting snap-on case that protects your iPhone and it comes with a detachable genuine leather wallet with slots to hold your credit card, ID, and even a couple of business cards.

You don't really need to own a Boostcase Hybrid detachable iPhone battery charger in order for the Hybrid Wallet to function but it's best to have one if you want the ultimate iPhone experience of charging your phone while on-the-go,

to changing your iPhone cases depending on your mood or (work/play) environment,

See? Mixing and matching is not just for clothes anymore
or simply, making your iPhone work extra hard by adding another function to it's exterior. It's not just a phone anymore… it's also a card holder. Simple yet classic and functional.

Boostcase Hybrid Wallet Case fits iPhone4 and 4s and is also available in other stylish colors.

Available wherever Boostcase is sold.

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