Friday, October 12, 2012


You know what's keeping me positively up on my toes lately?

It's not about work or my blog.

It's personal…
…and no, we're not talking about my love life.

You want to know the reason why I feel like I'm on cloud 9?

My mom.

After 30 years of working abroad (Saudi Arabia), my mom finally(!) is retiring from her profession as a midwife. Yes, she "pull" babies on a regular basis!

Sad fact is, her work kept her from taking care of her "real" babies. That's me and my two brothers. I think she has spent more time taking care of other people's babies other than us but that's fine. You gotta do what you gotta do! And as a mom, I think she did just right. I wouldn't be where I am right now without her efforts. Too cliche? But true.

Now for the lighter-sky-high side of things...
Ray-Ban Aviators
Forever21 button downs
Penguin tank top
Lee jeans
Wade shoes
…I was way beyond ecstatic when I heard the news that she's retiring already. This is something that I requested her to do a couple of years back ever since I started my business but my mom is hard-headed in a way (and by nature) that she would rather work and go on and on and on. She loves to work! Period. (Whew! Just thinking about it makes me tired)
 So... I happy?

Do I need to smile to prove it?
Wade shoes
Ray-Ban Aviators
My mom is coming home this December. She's gonna spend her holidays with us... and the holidays after… and the holidays after that… well, you get the point!

October and November? Mabilis lang yan!

You guys? What're the reasons behind your smiles?


  1. Aaawww so happy for you Paul! Yan may magreremind na sa'yo to eat your meals on time! Hehe

  2. Hi Paul, naku same kayo ng mom ni hubby. MIL naman is a nurse sa Saudi Arabia din ang almost 25 years na dun. Di pa din magreretire, pag 60 years old na daw. Pareho siguro kayo ng feeling na di masyado naalagaan. I hope you'll spend more time with your mom and kahit di ka nya naalagaan, ikaw magalaga sa kanyan :D

  3. I super love this post! :) I am happy for you bff, family is the best talaga! :)

  4. Hurrah for more time spent with Mom! Mothers are always the best :)