It took 6 years before Eat Bulaga decided to hold the (formerly) widely popular noontime contest on TV again! And for this year, the 2012 Mr. Pogi is this guy!
Mr. Pogi 2012, John Edric Ulang
The PR Guy Fun Fact: John Edric Ulang's current manager is veteran entertainment press and talent manager, Tonee Coraza -who happens to be my former manager during my I-wanna-be-an-artista (lol) days!

Now how do I know these things and why am I associating myself with Mr. Pogi?

It's because I was there (2006!) busting my butt off trying to win the title when the last one was held. I and 19 other Mr. Pogi hopefuls lost to this guy… which I'm fine by the way considering how he went from being Mr. Pogi 2006 to Best Actor this year. It's all good 'coz we're still friends.
Mr. Pogi 2006, Edgar Allan Guzman
With all due respect to the guys above, there's a person who I really do feel most insecure about. He's not a Mr. Pogi but more of #LikeaPogi! And he's none other than...
Ramon Bautista! (gets gun and shoots myself on the head)
Ramon Bautista, the ultimate #LikeaPogi, is a multi-talented achiever, comedian, filmmaker, producer and U.P. film processor. He proves that it's the character and confidence that makes a man just #LikeaPogi!

Confident. Achiever. Responsible. Witty. Sensitive. Passionate. Committed. This is the new breed of pogi. It's more than just having naturally good looks, but more on having the right attitude that truly makes the difference.

If you want to be inspired or die with insecurities (will work either way) with Ramon Bautista's awesomeness and #LikeaPogi-ness, watch this video.

Now if only I had Ramon Bautista's confidence and every bit of his #LikeaPogi personality, I would have won the Mr. Pogi title back in 2006 eh? But then again, I wouldn't be The PR Guy today if I did.

By the way, I also found out that Eat Bulaga is holding a lesser pogi counterpart of Mr. Pogi with Mr. Pogi Weh? D'kilabots Edition. My thoughts? Nah, my money's still on Ramon Bautista.

If you want to know more about my Mr. Pogi stint, I'm still in the process of mustering up all the courage I can get to do a separate post for that. Pray that it'll be soon! Haha.

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  1. OMG it's Ramon! LIKEAPOGI is so viral! Hahaha! :)


  2. omg! I love that little intro right there! I love that like a pogi is going viral! Ramon Bautista is really inspiring!

  3. This post is missing a backstory: your 2006 contestant piks. HAHAHAHAH. Hi Paul!

  4. Heeey... I never know you were in Mister Pogi?! :p


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