Thursday, October 18, 2012


I've talked about my love for dogs more than a couple of times already on my blog.

There was Golly, my "other" St Bernard,
from THIS post
Cullen, my Siberian Husky,
from THIS post
and Yogi, my Chow Chow (and co-brand ambassador for The Purple Groom).
from THIS post
I'm still yet to talk about Ember, my other St. Bernard (who also happens to be the only girl out of the furry bunch) but let's save that for another post.

In our household, you need to love dogs (or animals in general) in order for you to survive living with me. My niece and nephew share the same sentiments as mine towards our furry little friends. See how they treat each other? Like pets.

Everyone, meet Abiel Philip...

and Amielle Pauley!

Abiel is the youngest human being in the house.

I'm "training" him (lol) to call me daddy because we look alike and *ehem* we both dress well.

On top of that, we love animals. Here he is with the only cat in the house…

My first pet was a cat by the way.

There's too much cat love going on around here!

I'm sure Helga will agree.

Amielle is the ate in the house.

When it comes to energy, she puts the energizer bunny to shame.

In this part, she's with the "batas" dog in the house.


Meng Meng: Oh, smell mo.
Ringo: My Dog! This can't be me!
Meng meng: I love Go-Go
Ringo: Whatever *rolls eyes*
Ringo: Argh… can't breathe! I need her to stop!
Meng Meng: *hugs Ringo tighter*
Ringo: *slurp*
Meng Meng: *___*
*Awkward silence*

Cute nila no? Speaking of which, don't you find their shirts cute as well?

It's from SM Kids' Fashion! The JusTees for PAWS!

JusTees, one of SM Kids' beloved brands features several designs that any pet-loving family will surely love. A portion of the sales of the shirts automatically goes to PAWS to ensure that the organization can continuously care for their rescues. From cute animal prints to statement tees that exclaims "MUST LOVE DOGS," these shirts send out a message of love to our less fortunate furry friends.
JusTees shirts are available in SM Department Stores nationwide!

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  1. Such lovely dogs! Sooo cute naman nila! Will await the next post with your female dog hehe. Post more about them too! :)


  2. Super cuuute! :) The kids and the pets! Kamelt ng heart haha, patawa din the captions love this post!! But bff, parehas tayo ng post title gaya gaya!! Hahaha :p

  3. your pamangkins are so adorbs!!!

  4. Your dogs are so adorable as well as your niece and nephew! Oh I named my new puppy Bruno. haha. Japanese spitz ba si Ringo? I have a Japanese spitz too. :)