Thursday, October 18, 2012


Once again, the blogging Gods conspire to overwhelm.

I had my "watch phase" where it rained watches for a week and then there's my "shoe phase" which I'm hoping won't stop anytime soon.

Now, I'm having my "hair phase."

Check out the hair items I got from my visits to a couple of salons, spa and event this past month.
gift from Juro Salon Exclusif
prize from the 100 Francis Libiran x Manila Hotel press conference
gift from F&H Famous Salon
gift from Bee Choo during my Taylor Tyler visit
Be blogging about all my hair experiences (some are long overdue already) starting this weekend.

For now, I'm off to another "hair" event which my friend, Marj Sia is organizing in celebration of her birthday.

Oh man… I'm starting to become a beauty blogger!

Uh, oh. There goes my straight-male status out the window.

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  1. Beauty and fashion may come together. :)
    It's ok! We still read your posts no matter what. :)