This post could've had an earlier publication if David hadn't beaten me into portraying (and posting!) the same icon that I had in mind for this project that I and my fellow bloggers were doing for Ray-Ban's 75th year celebration. He did James Dean justice! As for me? I was left with these photos (courtesy of madhousemnl) and this blank thought for a title and my icon to be.

Looking at the other bloggers' portrayals of their icons, I noticed that most of them who made a mark in this world and were tagged "legends" had this one thing in common...

They were all rebels! And that's exactly what I'm gonna be in this post.
From movies (James Dean, Audrey Hepburn), to music (Madonna, Joan Jett), and even fashion (Twiggy, Rachel Zoe), these icons didn't made it by being goody two-shoes but instead, they rebelled.
They went against the flow...
Against the standards of their chosen industry.
But still…
They became legends!
In their own rights.

As for me? I am not a legend. But I like to believe that I'm a rebel.
I chose not to finish school but I had a backup plan.
I got tired of having a boss. Now, I'm my own boss.
And in spite of the demand (time and commitment) of running a business, I chose to add "blogger" to my resume.
Something I get gay comments from.
An avenue where I put myself for public scrutiny for what I wear and what I use on my freaking face (I have to 'coz I'm getting old).
A platform where I show people my imperfections ('coz I'm not perfect), my oddities.

But do I care? I DON'T.

The reality?
We're not gonna get out of this world alive that's why I say,
Commit mistakes. But learn from it.
Finish school. Or not. But please, have a backup plan.
Curse. Scream. Raise your middle finger. But do it in front of the mirror.
Live. Love. LOL. Who cares?
It's what you that makes YOU. Not the society.
Stand out. Never hide.

"You can't be a legend in your parent's basement" - Joe Walsh

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In the meantime, check out how the rest of my blogger friends made an eye statement with their portrayals of their personal icons. Legendary! (Just click on their names)
David Guison
and I, as pareng Tom Cruise. 'coz we're both cool (and short!) like that.
Tom Cruise (Top Gun)


  1. Remember you don't have to prove anything pag sa harap naming mga friends mo :) So proud of you bff, big time "blogger" ka na ha!

    1. Agree ako kay Ana!!! No need to prove anything! Go Paul!!! :)

  2. Love the whole look!! :) Great combination!


  3. I love your jacket! And your photos!!! :) :)


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