Sunday, November 18, 2012


"We launched Flaunt mainly to better get our message across an array of audiences.
…not only are we now able to send out our messages across a wider market, we also do so using a platform that evokes the kind of lifestyle we promote - fun and dynamic yet sensible."
-Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless

And that is how Flaunt, an online magazine on, came to be ever since it was launched last april 2012 replacing the brand's monthly newsletter.
Much like the brand represents, Flaunt was founded on the premise of making beauty accessible to everyone. From beauty tips courtesy of Flawless' acclaimed roster of Skin Professionals to stories of human interest, the publication aims to i prove the quality of life people have by giving them the tools they need to achieve the most beautiful expression of themselves.

Along with the recent launch of Flaunt magazine to the media is the new and improved digital domain of Flawless which hasn't been touched since it was launched 2 years ago until now.

"One of the main highlights of the site is the e-commerce. This was borne out of  a number of request from Filipinos abroad to make our products available for shipping to other countries. I'm personally very proud of this feature because it take us one step closer to realizing this," shares Drew Donovan Mendoza, Flawless' Business Manager

In its efforts to better connect with its target market, Flawless recently revamped the way the brand interacts with the rest of the online community by bringing a "new voice" through its Facebook Fanpage and Twitter account.

Known for introducing ground-breaking aesthetic concepts to Filipinos, Flawless makes another first as it revamps the brand's communication tone in an effort to "speak the language" of its market.

"Language and communications are two very dynamic subjects. We've been observing online trends since last year and one thing we found out is that people respond better to brands who speak the way they do." - Patricia Mendoza, Flawless' Marketing Manager

Now after seven flawless issues, Flaunt is back with a surprise in its November issue.

What's in the bag? Find out more on my upcoming posts.

In the meantime, check out who's featured in Flaunt's latest issue!

It's me! Haha. I asked Flawless a skin situation and here's what they have to say about it:
See the rest of the issue here!

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