Sunday, November 11, 2012


I never attended a Halloween ball. If ever I did, I'd come dressed as Clark Kent or Tom Cruise from that Risky Business movie (complete with Ray-Bans and tighty whities - lol). But then again, that would be too "expected" knowing that I'm a big Superman fan and that I recently channelled Tom Cruise for my Ray-Ban Legends post.

Now who will I be? That IS the riddle now that I trimmed down my costume options down by a couple of notch.

What's the point of dressing up as a superhero if everyone else were in their scary costumes anyway?

But if you're really a diehard fan, you can still dress up as a comic character. A superhero's antagonist. A villain!

Here's my modern take on The Riddler. Habang tumatambay sa bakanteng lote ni Poison Ivy.

H.E. By Mango blazer
Zara button downs
Penshoppe pants
Ray-Ban aviators, Armand Basi watch
Kickers Lbarra Camel boots
Just trying something different with my blog bestfriend Ana. What do you think?
"Swirl" Pocket Quirks by Anagon
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Photos by Roxanne Young


  1. Batman reference <3333333333333333333333333

  2. Yun!! You're wearing the swirl wire accessories na Paul! Ganda, ang galing ni Ana ♥ Haha pag magha-Halloween party naman ako I'll dress up as a fairy... :"> Lol dreamy!! See you soon Paul!