Do you know the difference between a bar and a restaurant? Allow me to educate you.

A bar is a place where you go to have "serious" fun. You usually go there with friends for a drink or two and some finger food.

Restaurants are places where you have "real" food may it be fast or fine-dining, or whatever you have in your crave list, you can find it there. We have those scattered all over the metro. The whole country in fact.

Now have you ever been to a place that screams "Resto!" but has that "come, let's have fun" vibe? I mean, where can you find a place where the serious thing that's gonna happen is not just eating?

I know of one! And it's just located at The Fort.

It was my first time to visit PREMIO last October 20 and I was with my closest circle of blogger friends.

Food + Friends = Fun
felt like royalty that night. Kulang na lang yung Mr. or Monsieur
To give you a quick recap, I and my blogger friends were invited for a night of food and style PLUS a whole lot of sur-prizes at Premio.

For the FOOD part, here are what we had:
Starting with these...
Smoked Salmon Blinis Php325
Buffalo Wings Php290
Crabcakes Php390
Animal Fries Php240
dove into these for our main course...
Rocket Salad Php320
Corned Beef Brisket Php420
Porkbelly Kare-Kare Php580
Crema Catalana Php210
and then we ended with a couple (or was it more?) desserts. I was able to take a photo of just one (Crema Catalana). Actually we ended the night on the second floor of Premio where their bar was located. Had a drink and that's about it.

For the FUN (and then some) part, you can check out my friends' posts here: Ana Gonzales, Kelly Medina, Tracy Ayson, Aisa Ipac and Sarah Tirona.

Now several nights ago, I went back for the second time. For fear of sounding defensive (and competitive - lol), I'm very much OC in terms of restaurant reviews, my photos, and such that's why I visited Premio again and was lucky enough to find that we were the first customers for their night shift. Took the opportunity to take photos and here's Premio in all its dim-litted glory…

First floor,

Kakaloka coffee products on display
the wine selection's section

Second floor,

The bar,

And I like the fact their CRs doesn't have the tacky figures connoting the genders of the person whose gonna use it.
instead, they have this. M for Maganda, F for Fafa - Haha!
Shared table with a guy by the way. Ordered enough.
Pumpkin & Bacon Soup Php245
Rocket Salad Php320
Lazy-Braised Shortrib Php580
Buffalo Wings Php290
And here are some "must-tries."

If you tried (and enjoyed) Lindt's Excellence Chili Bar or its local yet equally delicious counterpart Theo & Philo's Labuyo, then this one's for you. It's hassle-free 'coz it will save you the time from chewing a regular chocolate bar PLUS it will give you the warm kick of chili which we perfectly need for the impending chilly season.
Kakaloka Frappes Chocolate Chili Php145
Another favorite is the Premio Brookies. It's brownies in cookies form. Kaya Brookies. Now you know. Hehe.
Premio Brookies (1/2 dozen) Php145
Now I know you're dying to find out who my date was that night that's why I'm killing the suspense (and some other people's hopes) by saying that it was my driver of almost two years, kuya Edwin.
with my driver, Kuya Edwin
So why him?

If there's one person whom I consider "prized" other than my family (of course), that would be him. for obvious reasons, he drives for me and manages to "protect" my life while on the road on a regular basis. My mom, brothers, and close friends? We can go to Premio any time. But this one is of those rare moments that I get to to tell my driver "Thank You" without actually saying it.

For the record, he's the longest that I had and so far, I still want him on my car's wheels. He knows me and most importantly, my friend's addresses (sabihin ko lang Pax, Cubao na agad yan. Pag Ana, Ayala - wow! Di Alabang? Pag Sarah, Greenhills, Pag Dani, naku! Doon sa village na may istriktong guards).

You go to Premio to eat. You go to Premio to have fun (and occasionally bump into high profile artistas). You go to Premio for that special date night. You go to Premio as your prize to yourself for a a job well done. But most importantly, you go to Premio with people you consider as prized possessions. Now how's that for fun?

PS: You know what adds to the chill vibe of the classic, homey fixtures and interiors of the place? Their cool and updated music playlist. The best!

Special thanks to Keigh Jalbuena and Mikhail Guingon for organizing the dinner.

If I'll give you the chance to visit Premio, who's the "prized" person will you be bringing with you?
Comment on this post your answer for a chance to win Php2,000 worth of Premio Gift Certificates!

Of course, do the following steps first:
*Like PREMIO on Facebook HERE
*Follow @PREMIO_ on Twitter and on Instagram
*Tweet this: "@PaulThePRGuy, I'm going with someone I consider "prized" on @PREMIO_ here (insert link of this post)"

I'll announce the winner on November 19. Have fun with your answers. Good luck!

In case you win (or not), here's PREMIO's menu for your reference. Reasonably priced right?

Winner of my PREMIO Giveaway is...
Congrats Junsan Sorra!

PREMIO is located at 32nd Street, F1 Hotel - Ground Floor, 1634 Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For inquiries or reservations, you can call them at 869-7142, 0906 2311147 or 0921 9623998


  1. Mukhang yummy! Sige I'll try to join weeee! :)


  2. If I will win this, i'll bring my best buddy because we love to try new dishes and hunt lots of good restaus. omg i have to wi this!!

  3. I'm bringing my dad if I ever win this contest. He deserve a break to relax and pause for a while in thinking about our overflowing problems and one more thing, we love to eat everywhere and discovering new foods anywhere ♥

  4. I will be bringing my husband with me, that's for sure! We'd love to visit the place and try out their food

  5. Kimberly Nieves

  6. I'm bringing my dad if ever I win this contest. I wanna treat him because he really works hard para maprovide yung mga needs namin. He deserves a break! :) my dad is my best boy friend and and we both love to eat kaya sya talaga ang perfect na isama ko if ever mananalo ako :)

  7. I'm bringing my boyfriend if ever I win because both of us are certified foodies. =)

  8. @iamkimnieves
    If ever I win this contest.I will bring my boyfie Daryll Fagarang to celebrate our 34th monthsary at The Premio Bar & Restaurant,because PREMIO is a perfect place for us who wanna experience a very romantic date ever!Hope I win kuya Paul, keeping my fingers crossed. ^_^ thank you and Godbless!

  9. I'm bringing my mom. There's no better way to say thank you to the superwoman of my life than to treat her to a sumptuous dinner and make her feel all the love in the world. :)

  10. i'll bring with me my mommy. minsan lang kasi siya lumabas ng bahay at makakain sa mga yummy at sossy na resto. wawa naman, kelangan kong bumawi :)

  11. oh no. must follow via instagram :( wala naman akong phone na pang instagram...telegram lang ang alam kO! waaaaa!hahhaha

  12. If given the chance to enjoy the mouth watering menu of Premio, I'll surely bring my younger sister, Jamaica. This will be my treat for her since she has been so stressed out with work lately. She's a real hard worker (imaging staying 4 hours more in the office to do reports after her shift) so this kind of treat would just fit her. Another, is that she is a food lover, AS IN! I always have her as my date because when we say "pig out" it is really "PIG OUT". Hopefully I'll be given a chance to treat my sister at this amazing Resto!

  13. I'b bringing my husband because fine dining at at classy restaurant wouldnt be fun without him by my side!

  14. Hi Paul! I want to have a date with my Gf at Premio!
    Daryll S. Fagarang
    Tweet link:

  15. If there's one person who I consider "prized" other than my family. It would be my bestfriend/ boyfriend / the man who thought me how to love (not in blood) Hehehe. There's no "Why?" in the mechanics but I'll still tell you why! I want to thank him for all the effort and love he gave me since HS (ang cheesy ba? haha). Another reason is, his birthday is on the 25th and I think it would be perfect if I'm gonna treat him at Premio. A classy, romantic, yum tasting restaurant near his place! Imagining us having a romantic date, priceless:)

    Dianne Dequina

  16. I'm bringing my mom. Premio is an awesome treat for my awesome mom!

    Anj de leon

  17. The "prized" person I would like to bring with in case you'll give me the chance to visit Premio is my younger sister/ bestbud. I wanna treat and surprise her since she'll be having her 18th birthday this coming Nov. 19 2012 (I can provide you her birth cert. for proof. hehe) Since we are still both a student, most of the time we're on a budget and broke. Also, if I win this giveaway, hindi lang sa fastfood chain ko sya mapapakain, kundi sa super good resto na 'to. :)

  18. I will be bringing my best "prized" bud here, my boyfriend. Nothing is more delightful than a meal shared with the ones closest to your heart. This is also such a reminder that indeed, the best way to man's heart is through his stomach! :) Thank you Paul and Premio!

  19. I'll bring my hubby:) When i told him about the corned beef brisket and pork belly kare-kare it got him really happy and excited!!! Plus i so loove the thought of taking my hubby out on a date no less than at Premio;)--

    Carmencita Watkins

  20. Raych Ramos

    I'm bringing my boyfriend with me cos i know he deserves a break from work and this will definitely be a great dinner date! :) I enjoyed reading all your blog posts about this resto. win or lose i'll definitely give this a try :D Thanks for your awesome review!

  21. I will bring my "prized" person, my Hubby.We both love food and definitely will have some fun @Premio.

  22. im bringing my best friend hilig kasi namin ang kumain:)

  23. I'm bringing my best friend hilig kasi namin ang kumain:0

  24. I don't have a boyfriend to go out on an anniversary date with, or a special someone with mutual feelings to get to know better over dinner. What I have, though, is a happy family. :) And I consider them as the most "prized" people in my life. They're the ones whom I wanna share good times with, especially that we bond over food. We love trying new things together. And hey, they make me enjoy answering questions like this. 'Cause there's nothing more satisfying to me than to make them feel how special they are. ♥ :)

    Joanna Rose J. Tuazon

  25. Marivic Parane
    I'll bring my bestfriend, because I consider Him as the most "prized" people in my life.Hope to win this contest from Premio. thank you Paul.

  26. Marjorie Joy Palmario
    If there's one person whom I consider a "prized" , that would be my bestfriend(Kimmy), If ever I win the Premio gc from Kuya Paul, I will bring my bff.

  27. The most "prized" person that I will bring is my partner. I'd like us to enjoy and share what Premio has to offer - good food and great ambiance. This will surely be another memorable event. Thanks!

    Gary Padolina

  28. If ever I get to nail this contest, I'll bring my college friend with me. You might be wondering why not my "bestfriend" instead of just a "friend" since a bestfriend is definitely more prized than a regular friend. Well yes that's correct but there's a reason behind this. This friend I'm talking about, we've been friends for almost a year already. She's originally from Dubai but since going to college there is very expensive, she had to go back to the Philippines to finish her studies while her family stays there due to "job reasons". This coming November 21, she's already turning 18 - a time where girls throw a huge party to celebrate their womanhood. I think you already know what I'm trying to say. I want to make her happy by surprising her with good food on her 18th birthday so that she'll forget even for a moment that she can't celebrate this important event with her family.

    Twitter: @justinkylesofly

  29. i'll bring my mom for thanking her for all the understanding and support coz i've been a stubborn child! tsaka gusto nya daw kasi makakain a sosyal na restaurant. hehe hope i win this! :)

  30. I consider Micah, my partner in crime, bff, here. We've been both stressed in our work and we need to have fun and catch up on each other. We also love to go boy hunting after the dinner LOL. It's The Fort, duh.

  31. If given the chance, I'll bring my mother to Premio since from birth she herself considered me a "prized possession". I think that my mother deserves to be considered my "prized possession" as well in return for everything.


  32. If I were to win this giveaway, I'll be bringing my mother. Not my boyfriend, why? First because we date whenever we can and second I rarely have time to give my mom a break and third c'mon she deserves it after all! :)

  33. If I will to bring someone at Premio, that would be Vince, my boyfriend for three years. I consider him as my "prize" aside from my parents because I know God sent him to me with purpose, he thought me a lot things like how to commute, to believe in myself and most especially he's always there supporting me during "blogging" related events and takes care of taking pictures and editing it afterwards. I always give him stress, making him mad and all, but still he's always there supporting me, very seldom we spent time together, we are always in a group so I guess this prize to eat at Premio would be our chance to date again and spend time together since we are about to celebrate our 4th anniversary soon <3

  34. The PRIZED person I will bring if ever I got the prize is my brother. Since I went to Manila to study, my brother became my sincerest bestfriend, as well as became my mother and father. Only the two of us are living here in Manila while our family is living afar from us in Bicol-Catanduanes. My brother always support me and he is always there through my ups and down aside frommy family and close friends. He also provides my needs and sometimes my wants, if my parents failed to give. He sacrificed his social life because he needs to work while studying to provide his school needs so that my parents can focus to provide my school fees since I was sent to a private school while he was not.

    And I hope through this, I wanted to give my good brother an awesome and great night/dinner in this awesome and sophisticated resto-Premio. :)I'm really eager to join and hoping to win for my brother. Thank you! :)

    Twitter: @junsan17

  35. It's been a long time since I treat my wife in a cozy resto. I want to have a memorable dining experience at PREMIO. And, how about my birthday blowout next week, this will surely be great! I want to celebrate with my "prized" wife.

  36. If I'm giving a chance to visit Premio, the "prized" person will I bring is my childhood bestfriend since we haven't see each other.This would be a treat for him and a "prized" for us as a reunion.

  37. If ever I win this PREMIO giveaway, I love to be with my mom eating those eye-popping, mouth-watering Brookies and everything on the menu =)

    She's truly a "prized" mom and I will never forget all the things she did for me especially during my "troubled-teen-moments" I'm always confused about the why, where and what of things araound me. She's the only one I can depend on. And because I love her so much, I'm willing to sacrifice my sit at PREMIO so she can be with her loving partner -- my dad.
    If ever I win, this will be an early happy anniversary to mom & dad!!


    I would be glad to win this contest for it will be a great time spending my birthday (Nov.20) with my prized person which is my mom in a great restaurant like Premio :)

    God Bless! More Power :)

  39. My mother, sister, father. My family :) When it comes to unorthodox dining experiences, family is on the top of my list as I want to create my most memorable experiences with them included on it. A dining experience like this will be a great reward for my mom who's been working hard for the family. She really is deserving. My dad has been very supportive in all of our endeavors. My sister, meanwhile, has just recovered from some allergy. A lot of her favorites such as chicken, tomatoes have been prohibited by the doctor for consumption and is it only now where she can eat anything she likes again. She'll be surely delighted once she hears about this.

    It will be great to have a premyo at PREMIO! :)

  40. If ever I win this PREMIO giveaway, I love to be with my mom eating those eye-popping, mouth-watering Brookies and everything on the menu =)

    She's truly a "prized" mom and I will never forget all the things she did for me especially during my "troubled-teen-moments" I'm always confused about the why, where and what of things araound me. She's the only one I can depend on. And because I love her so much, I'm willing to sacrifice my seat at PREMIO so she can be with her loving partner -- my dad.
    If ever I win, this will be an early happy anniversary to mom & dad!!

  41. This 'prized'person would be my kalog friend/aspiring model/P.A. daw/newbie blogger/frustrated photographer/go-to-event buddy with skyscraper height, no other than Joanna Mae Gamboa Benin.
    Why she?
    Because when it comes to "food", she's ALWAYS the first person that would strike in my cerebrum. LOL. She eats EVERYTHING (even the plate.LOL)!!! She's a rice person, that's the reason why she's kinda chubby but complemented to her height. She is more than deserving for me to eat at Premio, coz it's really hard to find people who will always there to support you in everything you would like to do, and she always there also to give advice every time I feel weak and hopeless, a courageous friend indeed! And what a courageous friend reaps? A Premio dinner!!!

  42. It would be awesome to celebrate my birthday here with my hubby:)
    Premio looks fab and it's been some time since we had a "date" this will be a cool way for me the celebrant to treat out my hubby!

  43. I'll bring my mother-in-law who just came back from Saudi Arabia. I know she deserves this treat because being an OFW is a serious job and treating her once in a while will mean so much to her :D

  44. hi

    who's the winner? =)


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