Friday, November 9, 2012


"I sincerely believe people appreciate a handwritten letter, no matter how long or short," shares Trish, Owner of paPillo Fine Stationers. "It's the time you set aside to do it that makes it more meaningful."

I agree.

In this day and age of laptops and mobile phones, a simple handwritten letter or note makes a difference by a mile. Heck, I'll appreciate a "You're fired!" letter if it was written on paper than to receive it on e-mail.

I actually had two experiences where I appreciated the handwritten note attached more than the actual gift itself. My first bottle of perfume from Prestige Brands and a hanger from Anagon. I did appreciate the gifts though but the letter? Lamang ng 1 percent. (Ratio: 49% by 51% in favor of the note).

Pardon me (and don't judge!) if I sound girly in this post but admit it, these little gestures really can have an emotional dent though minute in nature. It's the little things that count or so they say.

I got to understand the driving force behind paPillo's sentiments towards the traditional way of self-expression through paper a couple of days ago when I and my usual suspects of blogger friends were invited at Trish's mansion of a home.

Here she is entertaining her guests in her most humble nature.

A former model and now a mom of three boys, Trish has been fascinated with stationery and letter writing ever since she was young. She's always been into beautiful, delicately intricate details and her impeccable style is evident in every intimate dinner party she hosts. From the main course down to the place cards, one can see that she puts a lot of thought into what everything she does.

paPillo Fine Stationers aims to bring back the seemingly forgotten charm of letter writing by providing its clients fresh and exciting ways to put their sentiments on paper.

Bursting with an array of bold colors, whimsical artwork, and a fashion-forward sense of style, paPillo products lend a sophisticated flair to whatever a client wants written down.

What I would give to all the bloggers I know.
Got to bring home this set. Thanks Trish (and also for the coffee! hehe).
Gave the "things to buy" to my blogger bestfriend Ana Gonzales. She already crossed out the first 2 items that I've written!
1.) SLR
2.) 50mm lens)
The "places to go," I gave to Pax because she loves to travel. I took the initiative to write her next travel destinations:
1.) Iraq
2.) Maguindanao
paPillo offers an extensive selection of stationery, invitations, gift cards, and note cards. To view the entire collection, simply call 09293652328 or 09189369854 and look for Emmylou or Theresa. To know more about paPillo, visit their website HERE.

Speaking of viewing, tomorrow is your chance to do so without any appointments! Details below:
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  1. too bad i missed this! i love paper goodies!

  2. Iraq at Maguindanao talaga for Pax?? Hahahaha!

    Oh ayan Paul dapat pag may finire kang employee, handwritten ang note ha? ;p