Friday, November 9, 2012


I had my iPhone 5 for more than 2 weeks already and same as my other gadgets, I'm not gonna do a review (for the lack of know-hows). Instead, I'm gonna do something which I'm sure any excited person who just recently acquired the latest "in" phone would. Dress it up.

But for good measure, the iPhone 5 is of course ahead of its predecessor in terms of its battery life, screen size, weight, and it comes with an updated version of its standard earphones and a less bulky battery charger (and more!).

Overall and as usual, the iPhone 5 is a visual treat. To make it even more visually delicious, here are some iPhone 5 cases I recently came across from Speck.

Features: Super Protection, Reinforced One-Piece Construction, Fabric-Backed Comfort
PixelSkin HD
Features: Extra Protection, Pixelated For Grip
CandyShell (Back)
Features: Ultra Protection, 2-in-1 Hard/Soft Construction, Shock Absorbent
CandyShell (Front)

CandyShell Flip
Features: Ultra Protection, 2-in-1 Hard/Soft Construction, Shock Absorbent
Main Feature: Flips for Docking
The PR Guy perfect among the bunch is this:

SmartFlex Card
Features: Extra Protection, Holds up to 3 Cards
It can carry a total of three cards (or 10 calling cards!).
Additional Feature: Flexible for Easy On/Off
For more options and color choices, click HERE.

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