Wednesday, November 21, 2012


HP fan here.

I practically "grew" up with him.

Read the books. Watched the movies. Even joined a competition hosted by National Bookstore when the first book was brought to life via a board game. I lost by the way.

I still remember that one player was this annoying kid who had an actual scar on his forehead (caused by an accident) who knew the full song of the sorting hat by heart. He even had a tune for the whole thing but still, he's still annoying. He also lost. Even cried actually.

Now on to my look!

This is the second set that I and Adrian Gonzales, who's also a Harry Potter fan, did.
Ray-Ban frames
Topman collared shirt
Springfield jacket
Topman pants
Converse Chuck Taylors
This was supposed to be my entry for the Ray-Ban Legends campaign but due to deadline conflicts, I was not able to submit this set on time.

Why Harry?

Well he brought the "cool" back in reading. Now that's legendary.
Can you feel the pain of growing up with no mum and dad? Thank God for Dobby.
Dressing up as Harry Potter was always on my to do list ever since I had a clear picture of what he looks like pre-movie stage. A couple of things that made his character iconic were his scar and his round frames.

Now I've always wanted to have round frames just like his and I found the perfect pair from Ray-Ban!
Ray-Ban black round frames
And here's a cooler version.
Ray-Ban Rare Print Mania round frames
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  1. And I gasp upon reading the title of your blog. HAHA. HP fan as well :))