Thursday, November 29, 2012


Third time's the katsu charm as Yabu opened it's 3rd branch at SM Mall of Asia via an exclusive pre-opening party for lifestyle editors; food, fashion and lifestyle bloggers last

November 27. (The branch opened its doors to the public the following day)

Unlike at the opening of their Robinsons Magnolia branch, I was at their SM MoA opening early (actually, a tad too early) and was able to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Steven Tan - VP for Premier Malls, Yabu's John Concepcion and Gerry Santos
Mr. Concepcion, Yabu's President, welcomed the guests and shared the inception of Yabu during one of his trips to Japan and how the brand has grown a year after the first branch opened.
Chef Lee Jose introducing Yabu's newest katsu dishes
Yabu's SM MoA branch, according to its brand manager Denise Cabotage, is their smallest compared to their first two but it fell nothing short of the unique design consistency and the cozy ambience which we, the patrons of Yabu, loved.



And now for the craziness that is katsu
...pre-empted by the ever present (a katsu meal at Yabu is not complete without this) appetizer set of edamame and potato salad.

Aside from the regular katsu meals that I and my table mates Kelly, Vern & Verniece (and the rest of the people there) ordered, we also got to try the latest from Yabu!

(Coincidence or not? 3 new dishes were served at the opening of their 3rd branch!)

Introducing, Yabu's newest dishes…

Menchi with Cheese Curry
A delightful mix of Yabu's special spices and high quality ground pork and beef stuffed with creamy cheese served with Yabu's special curry sauce.
Menchi with Cheese
Menchi with cheese minus the curry sauce
Soft-shell Crab Katsu
The soft-shell crab katsu consists of one luscious Japanese soft-shell crab, generously coated with fresh panko and fried to crispy perfection
My take on their Menchi with Cheese? Delightfully sinful. Partnered with the best-tasting curry sauce that I ever tasted in my whole life? Heaven! It's comfort food at its finest!

The Soft-shell Crab Katsu for sure, is gonna be a hit among the seafood partial foodies. I enjoyed it even though I have a slight/seasonal/bipolar allergy to seafoods.
also ordered the Chicken Special Katsudon Set
and beer!
More good news from Yabu!

Following Chef Lee's presentation of Yabu's latest katsu dishes was the official launch of Yabu's website.
Yabu's brand manager, Denise Cabotage (that's her hand), spoke briefly about the revamped website (, which now includes new features such as an online menu and the Yabu journal which is like an online magazine that features interesting articles about the Japanese lifestyle, such as modern Japanese art, music, fashion and culture.
For more about Yabu, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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