Saturday, December 29, 2012


Why Vitamin C? Read my previous post.

Just sharing what I wore the afternoon before Christmas.

Earlier that day, I was having my "usual" morning case of the sniffles and used it as an opportunity to pile on some layers and sport this new jacket (which I've been getting a lot of inquiries from) I bought last Bloggers United from Mikyle.


Aside from the chilly mornings and sweet Christmas songs in the air, the December month also brought along with it my constant cravings for oranges (or any fruit in general which has Vitamin C). It is in this month that my aversion to cold air heightens my early morning sniffles to a regular basis. And by regular, I mean araw-araw sinisipon ako.

That's why I need oranges... in overload!

Starting off with these body protections…

Kenneth Cole suede brogues

jacket with aztec print details
bought at BU4 from Mikyle
Uniqlo bomber jacket

Asprey watch strap (came with Veloci watch)

You know what they say about our country having the longest Christmas celebration in the world? I think it is also true that we have the longest summer too! That's why as early as now, I'm preparing myself for the incoming sun-worshipping season!

And here some of my "essentials."

Friday, December 28, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


"If you can't beat them, join them!"

Regardless of the "association" of the dance craze to the so-called end of the world, my company still pushed through with Gangnam as its theme for this year's Christmas party. I happen to know a lot of companies hosting the same theme for their parties and you know what they say… (read the first line of this post.)

It's just sad that I was not able to show off my Gangnam skills. If the hoots and the "sample, sample, sample" calls extended for a couple more seconds, I could've done the deed. But sadly, I'm the boss. Maybe they thought that I might go on a "you're fired!" frenzy if I was pushed too hard. If only they knew...
Muji white chambray shirt
Main Street (SM Dept. Store) blazer
Topman pants
Wade shoes
Ray-Ban wayfarers
Photos by Xtian Carreon
Bonus photo: And then the Christmas party turned into a Halloween ball! See Edward Cullen (not!) here:


Now I don't even know why I'm blogging about this knowing that for sure this movie is gonna top the box office this year but since I attended the bloggers conference, I have no choice but to. Not that I don't want to but hey, like what I've said, I'm confident that this will do well! It has Bossing Vic, Senator Bong and Judy Ann Santos. Period.

Now if you belong to the minority of moviegoers who doesn't appreciate fantasy or full-blown comedy, allow me to change your mind.

From the initial installment "Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote" in 2012,

the friendship and partnership of Agimat (Sen. Bong Revilla)

and Enteng (Vic Sotto) continues and this time

they are joined by Princess Angelina Kalinisan-Orteza (Judy Ann Santos) or AKO for short of the high-tech yuppie Kingdom of Diwatara.

As the fun triples, so as the adventure and thrill as they are confronted with high-tech and primitive villains from somewhere totally out of their worlds: cannibal tribes of the Tokatoks and filthy alien monsters from other planet. Witness unparalleled battle stunts set in the Philippines' never-before-seen destinations as Agimat, equipped with his one-of-a-kind swordsmanship, Enteng and his iconic comic fighting style and Princess Angelina, in her Mystical Bird alter ego wins the battle of good over evil.

Enteng movie as it has always been known, values family, marriage, friendship, responsibility, forgiveness, love and respect and the protection of the one and only Mother Earth. Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Ako, is a rollercoaster ride of drama, action, magic, visual effects, production design, cinematography and an unlimited fun and laughter for everyone.

Reasons to watch:
1. Vic Sotto.
2. Judy Ann Santos.
3. Sen. Bong Revilla.
4. The movie stars an all-star cast with artists coming from different leading local TV stations.
5. Watch out for the production design. Bossing Vic is proud of it.

You can also check out for updates.

Already a fan? Express your appreciation about the movie on Twitter (@agimatentengatsiako) and on Instagram (siagimatsientengatsiako)

Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote At Ako is Imus Production, Octoarts Film, MZET TV & Apt Entertainment and GMA Films' Official Entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival.
Story Idea by: Antonio Y. Reyes & Antonio P. Tuviera
Screenplay by: Bibeth Orteza & Jermyn Aven Jacob
Directed by: Tony Y. Reyes, DGPI


Merry Christmas everyone! If that's not enough reason for you to get excited, then here's another one: today also marks the first day of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2012! Woohoo!

Can't decide which of the eight official entries to watch first? Why not try some light-hearted and "Sosy" comedy?
Four girls, rich and famous, may have the most expensive pairs of shoes, high-end designer bags aand the life that every girl wanted - but behind the glitz and glamour are the struggles and differences that they have to face.
In the story, Sosy girls' tambayan, The Polo Club, is in danger of being torn down. The new owners of the exclusive club want to build a "yaya mall" - which for the girls is not at all a Sosy plan.

Meet the Sosy girls...

Rhian Ramos
The spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier and self-appointed leader of the Sosy group, Lizzie, proposes a planking protest to stop the bulldozers from rolling. But she gets in trouble and as a way to get back to the good graces of their family's matriarch, she has to do one thing - to live with her poor relatives. Having the luxuries and comfortable life that she has, will she be able to survive the living conditions in the province?
Bianca King
Danielle, the daughter of an ex-politician who's in the process of impeachment wherein all their assets were frozen. She is still in denial that they now are not part of Manila's richest. Until when will she will be able to cover up their financial struggle? What if she meets the guy who will love her for who she is, will she be courageous enough to accept her real status or will she stick to her plan of looking for a rich guy who can save them from financial difficulties?
Completing the Sosy Girls are frenemies Margaux (Solenn Heusaff)...

...and Claudia (Heart Evangelista),
daughters of former beauty queens who have had a long standing unfriendly competition. What if they find out that each of them is running after the same man. Benjo (Aljur Abrenica), an all-around employee at the Polo Club? Will their friendship end just because of a guy? Will someone be brave enough to give up love for the friendship?
Can the Sosy Girls patch over their differences to save their friendship and the much-loved tambayan? Will they ever realize that their friends, family and loved-ones are more important than the riches and luxuries in the world?
Adding glamour to the movie are Kapuso hunks Aljur Abrenica as Benjo, Mikael Daez as Santi, Alden Richards as Inigo, classy character actress Cherie Gil as Martina, Mylene Dizon as Bernice, Mikey Bustos as Denmark, Tim Yap as Jamie Yap, Agot Isidro as Glory, Maritoni Fernandez as Dada, Johnny Revilla as Gabriel, Ricky Davao as Sebastian, Nova Villa as Lola Patria, Barbie Forteza as Becca, Kristoffer Martin as Israel, with the special participation of Ruffa Gutierrez as Luca.
Reasons to watch:
1. It has Solenn Heusaff.
2. Though exaggerated, you can get a glimpse of the hows and the whats of the lives of the rich and famous.
3. Preview Fashion Editor Daryl Chang and stylist Andrei Chang are the geniuses behind the fabulous creations and designer pieces the Sosy girls are wearing in the movie.
4. Ruffa Gutierrez, the "real" Sosy girl, makes a cameo appearance.
5. Did I say the movie has Solenn Heusaff?

Under the helm of Director Andoy Ranay and with Marlon Rivera as the script consultant, Sosy Problems is the official entry of GMA Films to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2012.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Ok, this is not a pre-Christmas emo post nor a I-survived-doomsday-and-this-is-what-I-wore post. I'm just referring to the brand (the one with the crocodile as its logo) which I wore in overload. Hence, thick-skinned.

I was a bit apprehensive in mixing red and blue ever since I watched this certain episode of Goin' Bulilit where this little girl referred to a red top and blue jeans as "baduy." But then again, they're just a bunch of kids who were just script-fed and what do they know about fashion? They're just kids. Heh.
Lacoste shirt, Ray-Ban aviators
Lacoste jeans
Lacoste shoes
I recently got this croc-skin wallet from SM Accessories and decided to use it for good measure.
SM Accessories wallet
And more reds and blues with this Asprey watch strap that came along with this awesome Veloci watch.
Veloci watch, Asprey watch strap
Ray-Ban aviators
Lacoste shirt
Lacoste jeans
Lacoste shoes
Veloci watch
Asprey watch strap
Now how do you like my hair?
Photos by Ana Gonzales
I spent the early part of that afternoon with my blogger friends at Hairchitec.

And it's true what Ana said on her Hairchitec post, this is where you will find us if the so-called end-of-the-world pursued...

…looking like this.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Can't get enough of my The PR Guy Sees Red post? Here's more!

Starting with this pair of red shoes which I wore HERE.
Wade shoes
And from the same event (as the above's), I was able to take home this awesome pair of sunnies.
Ray-Ban wayfarer
Got my first Lacoste shirt the other day (which I excitedly wore today) from my girls Vern and Verniece...
Lacoste shirt (gifted)
And yet another red shirt which I got a month earlier. Metal Slug anyone?
Nick Automatic Metal Slug shirt
And more red stuff which I can't simply live without from now on...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Urbanears is giving 20% discount for every purchase of headphones featured in the Urbanears Color of Christmas promo: Rust, Forest, Cream and True White. Exclusively available at the Urbanears concept store at the Podium Mall while supplies last from December 8 − 31, 2012.
For more information, visit Digits Trading on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!


I was not able to sell on the first day of Bloggers United 4 but that lack of activity lead me to go full mode blogger. I was able to take photos of most of the bloggers participating at the bazaar and the best part is… I got to Instax Kryz Uy! One of my biggest accomplishment as a blogger/Instax hobbyist so far. You seldom get the chance to have one of the "big ones" in the online industry to pose in front of you for a tedious Instax shot you know.

Kryz Uy is my type. I hope that explains why I'm single. My aim is kinda higher than my throw.

Find Kryz on Lookbook, Twitter, Instagram and on her Blog. Visit and shop at WAGW as well.

Kryz Uy of Thirstythought
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque


Spending Christmas with a special someone? Make it a little bit more romantic with Karat World!

Don't be a scrooge and go get your girl something sparkly as a present for being naughty nice.

Spend more and let Karat World give back to you with their Biggest Christmas Blowout! All yours for FREE!
Purchase within the price brackets and be entitled to free gift certificates or gift reward vouchers from Karat World's partner establishments, such as David's Salon, Fitness First, Belo Center, and Circles. From a one-hour massage at Nuat Thai to an overnight stay for two at the Makati Shangri-La, customers can expect a variety of packages to enjoy over the holidays or up until a year after their purchase.

Promo period is from November 21, 2012 to January 15, 2013 and valid for single or accumulated Karat World receipts.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I was supposed to post this pre-Bloggers United 4 to remind people that this is how I look like in case they forget 'coz of the tons of brands, events and a whole lot of other stuff that I have been blogging about lately.

This is how I looked like when I and my close circle of blogger friends went to Enchanted Kingdom (More on a separate post) several days ago. Left my blazers at home (what the?!) and opted for something simple and amusement park friendly look since the weather was dry (but altogether great!) that day.

As simple as a One Direction shirt and Hey-Look-At-Me Justin Bieber-ish shoes. So much for attention.
One Direction shirt (Gifted)
Levi's stretch jeans
Supra footwear
Swatch watch
Nick Automatic snap-back cap
Bonus photo: Here I am giggling like Selena Gomez.


Marriot Manila's Turkey To Fly package at Php7,500 only
Who says turkey is just for Thanksgiving? Why not serve one this Christmas?

Marriot Manila's Turkey To Fly package includes a perfectly roasted turkey with classic accompaniments from the freshest lettuce salad with Italian dressing, potato salad, buttered mashed potato, sauteed green bean bacon, baked pumpkin and two loaves of fresh-from-the-oven corn bread.

Deserts? Have some apple and pumpkin pie! And the best part is, everything is included for just Php7,500 net!

Please call to order and allow 48 hours before pick up at the Java+.

To know more about Marriot Manila festive season offerings, call 988-9980.

PS: Yes, this can serve as a gift for a family or friends of ten (10)!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Filipinos, regardless of the ability (and tone), are natural-born singers.

When we're happy, we sing.
If sad, we sing… with the microphone on one hand and beer on the other.
And in most occasions, we sing just for the heck of it. We are show-offs like that.

Personally, I find comfort in singing. I sing for just about anything. Bigyan nyo lang ako ng pagkain at beer, pwede na. But more so, if there's a prize at stake. JOKE. Not.

I mean, come on! Why go to an event if you're just gonna sit at a corner and smile and pretend like you don't care? That's why when Liz invited me for a Zen Zest Diva-Off (Pardon the title. I can't do anything about it. Majority of the attendees were girls) I readied my competitive self (I admit) for a night of karaoke rock and rollin' (lol) at Red Box Greenbelt. Prizes at stake aside, I must admit that I had fun being the only guy who participated in the sing-off. But wait, there's Victor Basa! Oh, they were just there for an intermission number pala. Whew!

The event was Zen Zest's "different" approach in introducing their Holiday Sets and some new products for the home just like this one Michelle Fontelera, Founder and President of Zen Zest Asia Inc., is holding...

Home Scents
Holiday Sets
…and being one of the faces of Zen Zest, Divine Lee was also there (now that explains the presence of Victor) to share some of her scent-sational stories including her preference towards masculine perfumes and some other things we thought we knew about her. I like her.

Now hold up! Zen Zest + Karaoke? Now what in the world does that equate to?