Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have a cold.

And it is in times like this that I think about sipping/eating my ultimate comfort food.

And no, I am not just talking about food that has sugar and carbohydrate contents in it.

I'm talking about Thai! And I know just the perfect place to have Tom Yum Soup and... well, more Thai food!
Tom Yum Kung
Soft Shell Crab Pomelo Salad
Mieng Kham
It's at Thai Bistro!

I'm interrupting your drooling from the appetizers and drinks by introducing to you Thai Bistro's chef and proprietress, the Chef in Stilettos, Cecille Chang.
Formerly of Simply Thai and Just Thai fame, Cecille returns to Manila after a total of three years devoting eight hours a day of puttering around her school's kitchen. "We would wake up at 6am, start the class at 7am and we don't finish until 11pm. By then, I am completely tired but because Thai cuisine is my most favorite thing of all, it doesn't matter because when you're passionate with what you do, you can do it every waking hour and feel every part of your being is fulfilled."
Why Thai?
Prawn Rolls (minus the prawns)
Chang confesses to loving every type of Asian cuisine and just like me, leaves space at the top spot for Thai dishes.
Fresh Prawn Rolls
In creating Thai dishes, there's the requisite 4S which can be found in every recipe.

Chiang Mai Khao Soi

Kaffir Garlic Rice
and Sweet.

Never simple, Thai food is never easy to describe yet creates a jumble of flavors in the mouth that is never overbearing.
Pad Thai
More than Thailand's capital city of colors, Bangkok, Thai Bistro resonates food inspired by different parts of the country.

From its curry...
mixed veggies
Green Curry
Satay Duo
…to its sweet fares comprising their desserts menu.
Thakoo Thai

Thai Bistro Nest
I can say a thousand words (a million even!) about Thai cuisine and these photos might be giving you the cravings right now but nothing beats the real thing. Experience passionately crafted Thai food at Thai Bistro today!

(Had a great time with these ladies last October 8.)
with Ana, Angela, Pax, Chef Cecille, Sarah, Earth, Sophie, Marj, Martha & Shen
Thai Bistro is located at the ground floor of Robinsons Magnolia Town Center, Aurora Boulevard cor. Hemady St. Quezon City. It operates daily from 11:00am - 12:00am.


  1. I swear, I'm a big Thai food lover!! :) My first try was at a place called Soms (or Som's?) near Rockwell :) I had my first taste of Thai iced tea there too. I think Thai food is one pf the things I won't get tired of eating :) And these all look so good! Hmmm now I want some Tom Yum soup too!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  2. The yummy foodies surely will take away all the sickness in you. :)
    Take care! Happy weekend!

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