Filipinos, regardless of the ability (and tone), are natural-born singers.

When we're happy, we sing.
If sad, we sing… with the microphone on one hand and beer on the other.
And in most occasions, we sing just for the heck of it. We are show-offs like that.

Personally, I find comfort in singing. I sing for just about anything. Bigyan nyo lang ako ng pagkain at beer, pwede na. But more so, if there's a prize at stake. JOKE. Not.

I mean, come on! Why go to an event if you're just gonna sit at a corner and smile and pretend like you don't care? That's why when Liz invited me for a Zen Zest Diva-Off (Pardon the title. I can't do anything about it. Majority of the attendees were girls) I readied my competitive self (I admit) for a night of karaoke rock and rollin' (lol) at Red Box Greenbelt. Prizes at stake aside, I must admit that I had fun being the only guy who participated in the sing-off. But wait, there's Victor Basa! Oh, they were just there for an intermission number pala. Whew!

The event was Zen Zest's "different" approach in introducing their Holiday Sets and some new products for the home just like this one Michelle Fontelera, Founder and President of Zen Zest Asia Inc., is holding...

Home Scents
Holiday Sets
…and being one of the faces of Zen Zest, Divine Lee was also there (now that explains the presence of Victor) to share some of her scent-sational stories including her preference towards masculine perfumes and some other things we thought we knew about her. I like her.

Now hold up! Zen Zest + Karaoke? Now what in the world does that equate to?

I didn't ask. All I know is that I was in for a night of fun and surprises. Just like these:

Aside from being the first to talk (Melai as the event's host exempted), Michelle was also the first to rock the mic with an Aegis song. Read: A-E-G-I-S. (Surprise #1)

And then things started to become competitive. Competitively fun that is.
Biggest discovery of the night? Bloggers who CAN sing. Yung tipong pang X-Factor Philippines. (Surprise #2)
Martha doing an Adele
And more serious singing from this stylish couple… (Surprise #3)

(Surprise #4)
Verniece & Vern doing a sing and dance combo to Superbass
And the multi-tasker in me can't help but snap photos of these beautiful creatures while waiting for my turn on the mic. Sang Remedy (Jason Mraz) by the way.

Sarah, Ana & Angela
Pax, Dennis & Mich
Divine Lee

Michelle, Liz & Melai

Big winners of the night Martha & Shen
Kung may concert king & queen, meron ding stylish concert couple! Victor & Divine

Close-up smile models
San Mig Light models (peace!)
And the final surprise? I won as a runner up! Php5,000 Maldita GC's y'all!

Follow Zen Zest on Facebook and Twitter to get in the loop on their latest scents and promos! Also, stay tuned for my "The PR Guy Sees" posts where I'll be dishing out Gift Ideas! Just like this ONE where Zen Zest was also featured.


  1. You're an awesome singer! I'm like, Jason Mraz is that you?! I have a feeling your next career is that as a recording artist! Naks!



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