Saturday, December 1, 2012


From her "lakas makayaman" shoes (from THIS post) to her "lakas makayaman" pose + outfit in this Instaxed! set, everyone greet Sarah Tirona a happy birthday!

Belated that is.

This was meant to be posted yesterday but since I was out and about (yes, on a holiday!), I never got the chance to but I'm sure Sarah won't mind. I (and a group of friends + her hubby) was with her at the early part of the evening to celebrate her birthday over dinner at Torch and coffee right after at Coffee Bean anyway so... fair enough. I guess?

Now, I'm not gonna put too much effort on this post since the "real" effort was already done by Ana (check out her post for Sarah HERE) that's why I'm gonna make this short and… well, appropriate for someone who just got out of bed after a night of drinking and hohol-ing with friends. Was not there. Left early. I'm a loser. And Sarah, I'm not judging. I'm just assuming.

To sum everything up, here's what I think of Sarah.

Neon? You think of her.
Studs? You think of her.
Hair? Aside from Helga, you think of Sarah.
Stylish? Right next to Anne Curtis, you think of Sarah.
Hot Mama? Flat out, that's Sarah.

Aside from being able to hang out with a cool person like you, I appreciate you for that I-don't-give-a-sh*t-what-the-f@#$king-world-thinks attitude that you exude. Makes me feel, well, cool. Just like you.

Sarah Tirona aka Ms. Eggplant
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque

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  1. thank you Paul! this deserves a big wet sloppy kiss....from chewy! hahaha! mmmmmmmwah <3