Tuesday, December 25, 2012


"If you can't beat them, join them!"

Regardless of the "association" of the dance craze to the so-called end of the world, my company still pushed through with Gangnam as its theme for this year's Christmas party. I happen to know a lot of companies hosting the same theme for their parties and you know what they say… (read the first line of this post.)

It's just sad that I was not able to show off my Gangnam skills. If the hoots and the "sample, sample, sample" calls extended for a couple more seconds, I could've done the deed. But sadly, I'm the boss. Maybe they thought that I might go on a "you're fired!" frenzy if I was pushed too hard. If only they knew...
Muji white chambray shirt
Main Street (SM Dept. Store) blazer
Topman pants
Wade shoes
Ray-Ban wayfarers
Photos by Xtian Carreon
Bonus photo: And then the Christmas party turned into a Halloween ball! See Edward Cullen (not!) here:

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  1. sana may gif ng sumasayaw ka ng Gangnam! hahah.. cool!