Merry Christmas everyone! If that's not enough reason for you to get excited, then here's another one: today also marks the first day of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2012! Woohoo!

Can't decide which of the eight official entries to watch first? Why not try some light-hearted and "Sosy" comedy?
Four girls, rich and famous, may have the most expensive pairs of shoes, high-end designer bags aand the life that every girl wanted - but behind the glitz and glamour are the struggles and differences that they have to face.
In the story, Sosy girls' tambayan, The Polo Club, is in danger of being torn down. The new owners of the exclusive club want to build a "yaya mall" - which for the girls is not at all a Sosy plan.

Meet the Sosy girls...

Rhian Ramos
The spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier and self-appointed leader of the Sosy group, Lizzie, proposes a planking protest to stop the bulldozers from rolling. But she gets in trouble and as a way to get back to the good graces of their family's matriarch, she has to do one thing - to live with her poor relatives. Having the luxuries and comfortable life that she has, will she be able to survive the living conditions in the province?
Bianca King
Danielle, the daughter of an ex-politician who's in the process of impeachment wherein all their assets were frozen. She is still in denial that they now are not part of Manila's richest. Until when will she will be able to cover up their financial struggle? What if she meets the guy who will love her for who she is, will she be courageous enough to accept her real status or will she stick to her plan of looking for a rich guy who can save them from financial difficulties?
Completing the Sosy Girls are frenemies Margaux (Solenn Heusaff)...

...and Claudia (Heart Evangelista),
daughters of former beauty queens who have had a long standing unfriendly competition. What if they find out that each of them is running after the same man. Benjo (Aljur Abrenica), an all-around employee at the Polo Club? Will their friendship end just because of a guy? Will someone be brave enough to give up love for the friendship?
Can the Sosy Girls patch over their differences to save their friendship and the much-loved tambayan? Will they ever realize that their friends, family and loved-ones are more important than the riches and luxuries in the world?
Adding glamour to the movie are Kapuso hunks Aljur Abrenica as Benjo, Mikael Daez as Santi, Alden Richards as Inigo, classy character actress Cherie Gil as Martina, Mylene Dizon as Bernice, Mikey Bustos as Denmark, Tim Yap as Jamie Yap, Agot Isidro as Glory, Maritoni Fernandez as Dada, Johnny Revilla as Gabriel, Ricky Davao as Sebastian, Nova Villa as Lola Patria, Barbie Forteza as Becca, Kristoffer Martin as Israel, with the special participation of Ruffa Gutierrez as Luca.
Reasons to watch:
1. It has Solenn Heusaff.
2. Though exaggerated, you can get a glimpse of the hows and the whats of the lives of the rich and famous.
3. Preview Fashion Editor Daryl Chang and stylist Andrei Chang are the geniuses behind the fabulous creations and designer pieces the Sosy girls are wearing in the movie.
4. Ruffa Gutierrez, the "real" Sosy girl, makes a cameo appearance.
5. Did I say the movie has Solenn Heusaff?

Under the helm of Director Andoy Ranay and with Marlon Rivera as the script consultant, Sosy Problems is the official entry of GMA Films to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2012.


  1. I want to check this out! :)
    Merry Christmas Paul! :)

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  2. a movie with a brand new comedy!!! congrats i love it!

  3. I like how you wrote your review! I wish I could write like you!

  4. I so want to watch this film. Too bad SM City Baguio houses only four movie theaters, none of which are screening Sosy Problems. Anyhoo, fingers are crossed that they will exhibit it starting New Year's Day.

  5. I watched this Movie and i really enjoyed a lot. Superb and Thumbs up!

  6. Where can I watch this movie in HD?


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