Thursday, January 31, 2013


As part of its commitment to deliver superior customer experience to complement its modernized network, Globe Telecom has beefed up its online customer support with the launch of eighteen new online specialists who will engage customers via Twitter @Talk2GLOBE, operating 24/7.
Globe Chairman Jaime Zobel de Ayala and Globe President Ernest Cu with the new Twitter's @Talk2Globe online specialists.

These are the people we can harass talk to on Twitter for any of our Globe Telecom concerns.

Now excuse me as I follow @JoyceOfGlobe.

More About the New Faces of @Talk@Globe

Globe Customer Experience Management Head Chris Lipman highlights, "We are committed to reach out to the customers in a personal way, where we can be honest about our products and services, and ultimately provide seamless engagement."

We are continuously improving our Talk2Globe service to humanize the experience of consumers and build relationships that matter. As long as you're with Globe, we guarantee our top efforts to make you happy," Lipman added.

In addition to @Talk2Globe on Twitter, other online customer channels include a chat service available on the Globe website ( or via Yahoo! Messenger by adding 'Talk2GLOBECHAT' as YM buddy. Subscribers can also request for support through SMS by simply texting HELP to 1234 for free.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


At Marriott Hotel Manila's Java+, there's an array of perfect Valentine sweets to make you feel and taste the love in the air this coming love month.

Whether single or in a relationship, celebrate Valentine's Day at Java+ with these Valentine-inspired desserts! Available this whole month of February.
Bring the color back to life in your relationship with the Strawberry Mango Cake (Php1600++). Made of almond, coconut, and pistachio dacquios with strawberry jelly in strawberry mango mousse, it's not only a pretty centerpiece —it's a heavenly dessert in every slice.
Snowy white that speaks of purity, the Venus Cake (Php1200++) is made of raspberry & strawberry compote with cheese & lime mousse with raspberry cream in almond meringue biscuits. Don't be deceived with its simplicity as this cake offers plenty of play on flavors.
Experiencing  real bliss and happily attached? Take home a Happy Valentine Tart (Php1200++), a sponge cake and Breton short-crust pastry dough with vanilla mousseline topped with fruits. With its fiery red hue that covers every angle, this will surely communicate your undying love.
If on the lookout for something delightfully classic, Heart-shaped Cheesecake (Php1750++) is a comfortable choice. Fresh strawberry fruits that sit atop the baked cheese cake, it's never salivating —the same feeling when you're enjoying every moment with your one and only.
Craving for more?


Last 2 days to join @GlobeBridgeCom Code Blue Boracay: Dive Clean Up! Get a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Boracay and be part of The Code Blue Dive Clean Up Project!

All you have to do is,
1. Follow @GlobeBridgeCom on Twitter
2. Tweet your answer to the question "Show us why you deserve to spend 3 days and 2 nights in Boracay!" with the hashtag #GlobeofGood (Don't forget to tag @GlobeBridgeCom)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My most fashion forward footwear to date is this adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott pair.

I've been told that with shoes like these, you don't need to wear anything else the rest of the ensemble must be simple (even the hair). I took the advice by heart and even restricted my poses to one - two angles only. I, robot.

I've been waiting for the right time to wear this Scars shirt with the leopard print pocket details and found the perfect opportunity with these shoes. The shirt alone, though nice as it is, is just nice. But with the shoes, now that's making a statement. Would you agree?
Scars shirt
Uniqlo cardigan
Scars shirt
Lee jeans
adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes
Bonus Photo: Me, doing a Ken pose.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Planning a romantic date this Valentines day? Make it extra special with a surprise background music with you and your sweetheart's love songs on the playlist!

World-renowned speaker brand SoundFreaq brings to you the Sound Kick portable speaker. Loaded with smart features for smart devices, SoundFreaq speakers deliver premium sound for a wireless world.

Sound Kick's wireless streaming feature via stereo Bluetooth, will let you play your favorite 'couple songs' from any app or from any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. With up to 7 hours of AC free listening, Sound Kick will surely help set that valentine mood to let you reminisce your love story. Compatibility is no problem with Sound Kick, making it the perfect partner for both outdoor and indoor romantic date.

Sound Kick also makes sure that connection with your special someone will remain uninterrupted even after that magical evening. Charge mobile devices and other accessories with Sound Kick's universal USB power port even if it's running on battery power.

For more information on SoundFreaq, visit Digits Trading on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

SoundFreaq speakers are available at any of the following stores: 8Telcom, Astrovision, Beyond The Box, Buzz, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central Electronics, FutureWorld, Gadgets in Style, Gui, iCenter, iStore, iStudio, Listening Room, Meetrovii, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Power Mac Center, Sights and Sounds, and Technoholics.


Hi everyone! A little favor please?

Vote for this Freeway Bag Design entry of my good friend Ed Lorenzo. To extend your support, just click HERE. Thanks!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Before you go "Oh, no! Not another sunset photo..." Well it is another sunset photo.

Indulge me on this one. Please?

You see I just finished watching two intense-but-feel-good movies (Legend of the Guardians The Owls of Ga'hoole and Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer) on my laptop and for the first time since I don't know exactly when, I finally got the rest I've been longing for. I felt it.

Just sharing this view of the sun from La Union. I even took a dip in the water which I rarely do everytime I go on vacations like this but for this one, I just can't seem to help it. I felt so accomplished (I did a talk by the way in UST yesterday -more about this soon) and contented. Happy even.

Will fill you in on this mini-adventure-by-land that I've embarked on (right after my talk, I went straight to La Union!) in the coming days. In the meantime, why don't you let the warmth of everything that you see in this photo embrace you and wash all your worries and troubles away. It's work week again starting tomorrow, I'm sure you need it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


And here are the winners of Lolita's Happy 5k Giveaway:

Congratulations ladies! Please wait for Lolita's representative to contact you on Facebook!

For the giveaway's reference, click HERE.

Friday, January 25, 2013


I spent my talking drive with last night's post that's why I'm gonna be as mum as possible today. Rest day for me (and my mouth!) too because tomorrow, I'll be doing a talk in UST. I'm excited but nervous as well for my second talk because aside from the school being my blog bestfriend Ana's alma mater, it will also be my biggest attendance so far.

I'll stop talking now.
In details:
Uniqlo v-neck sweater; Zara camo belt
SM Accessories watch
Zara corduroy pants, adidas NEO corduroy slimsolls
Property Of... laptop bag (gifted)
Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Woke up very early today with the optimism that what I had laid out on doing will pan out according to schedule. But guess what greeted me and spoiled the first half of my day? Manila traffic.

I didn't make it to my 10am meeting in Makati. I was stuck fuming mad in Cubao traffic 30 minutes past my appointment. What I usually do in anticipation of things happening like this is I inform my client an hour before our actual meeting that I'm gonna be late and ask for a time extension. But Manila traffic can be unforgiving. Fortunately, the client was very considerate enough to have our meeting moved at 4:00 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I had other things planned out around that time. A bloggers conference with Flawless' latest endorser, Jasmine Curtis, which I'm really looking forward to because it's gonna be my first time to meet her. And that's just a fraction of what I planned on doing!

Here was today's to do list:
10am - Presentation in Makati (moved to 4pm)
12nn - pull out shoes from Wade, Trinoma
12:30pm - pull out stuff from SM Dept. Store, SM North
1:30pm - pick more stuff from GMA 7
2pm - Flawless event with Jasmine Curtis
4pm - Makati meeting

I was Superman today. Did everything on the list! Left the Flawless event at 3pm, the minute Jasmine was introduced to the online media. I was able to take her photo before I left and even managed to have mine taken with her as well. And just when you thought that things won't go any flawlessly, I made it to my 4pm on time. And the day went by just smoothly. Productive and smooth. Almost flawless.

Let's go back to the event,

TV personality, actress, model, dancer and blogger Jasmine Curtis is the newest addition to the growing roster of celebrity endorsers of the country's leading clinic for face, body and medical services --Flawless.

The beautiful young actress was specifically handpicked by Flawless CEO, Rubby Sy to headline Flawless' beauty campaign for 2013. She says of Jasmine, "she epitomizes everything we want to convey to the public about our brand --young, vibrant, carefree, confident, beautiful and sexy. We are very glad she is part of our family now and we're looking forward to a mutually-beneficial partnership with her."

Jasmine Curtis is excited to play a role in the overall success scheme of Flawless at this time. While in the thick of her busy schedule (Jasmine is also a full time student), the pretty young lady reveals how she is able to manage her time well and still come out looking an A-lister, flawless from head to toe.

Wanna know more about her and some of her beauty secrets?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


That's advance Happy Chinese New Year for you guys.

Now what do the adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott JS Wings CNY and...

…Lucy Liu's dress at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards have in common?

Cross out Chinese.


Saw this one posted on Facebook a couple of minutes ago and I can't help but to also share this to you guys.

Now Manny, The Movie Guy, I don't know of. Haven't heard of him until now but he just made me proud. Not because he's a fellow Filipino but he knows his craft oh so well.

The "Fantine diet" question was also brought up but did Anne snapped? She didn't. It's the way Manny asked his questions. He was bold, confident and was ready to fire away with his reserved ammo. And he was focused! He didn't need to bring Lea Salonga to lighten Anne's mood up and come on, who wouldn't love the iron-on Les Miz sticker on his shirt? Genius.
Now to be fair to Ricky Lo, I'm gonna make assumptions. Maybe Anne came from an interview where the "forbidden" questions were asked, maybe she was really not feeling well that day, or maybe she was on her period for all we know.

But isn't it the interviewer's job to make the interviewee feel at ease and not the other way around?

Fidgeting with your phone won't help either. And one more thing, if you're on a mission to interview one of the biggest Hollywood star of this generation, come prepared. And stick to the topic.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


There is really nothing new with this outfit (over-abused white jeans!) other than the bag and the adidas NEO Label slimsolls which I wore...
...the minute I received it. Thanks adidas and Green Bulb PR!
adidas NEO Label slimsolls
It was recently that I noticed that I'm subconsciously a fan of the adidas brand! Check out this photo I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago:
follow me on Instagram! @paultheprguy
I also have 2 backpacks, a couple of shoes, and some shirts! And they're not even sponsored items. I even bought an adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes recently at the opening of adidas' new store at BGC. See? I'm a legit fan pala.
Read Justin Bieber for  adidas NEO Label HERE
Read Selena Gomez for adidas NEO Label HERE
Read  adidas Opens New Store in Bonifacio Global City HERE
I also got raves from this expensive looking bag from SM Accessories! Regardless of how it looks, it's functional! It can hold my Macbook Air, an iPad, a book, plus some other essentials I need in the office. Stylish pa!
SM Accessories bag
Forever21 button-downs
Lee jeans
Tag Heuer watch
SM Accessories bag
adidas NEO Label slimsolls

Monday, January 21, 2013


Motivated by my Project: Travel 2013, I decided to push through with my presentation for this big project happening next month in spite of feeling a little bit under the weather. Due to the "up for bidding" nature of this project, I can't say anything specific yet since the project hasn't been awarded to my company officially but to give you an idea, see photos below:
grabbed from HERE
grabbed from HERE
Looks like we'll be squawking/flying high soon! Fingers crossed (I believe) that I'll get THE call this Wednesday. I'll update you by then.

How's your Monday by the way? I hope I'm not boring you with these personal stuff that I've been posting lately. Be back with my "regular" posts soon.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm not gonna talk about Sinulog because one, instead of watching it with the rest of the millions who went, my old and tired self chose to stay at the hotel where I was staying and waited until the check out time and then went straight to the airport to deposit some of my baggages -mahal pala magdeposit ng mga bagahe. My flight was at 7:10pm, I left the hotel at 1:00pm. I had other plans in mind why I left early and that didn't include being squashed in the midst of the Sinulog crowd and get splattered with paint all over though the idea is quite tempting.

Did some last minute pasalubong shopping, ate a hearty meal at this very nice Thai restaurant and managed to have some massage action at Nuat Thai. All this at an area 15 minutes away from the airport (more specifics soon).

Flight got delayed by an hour. Lucky that I have my Kane Chronicles book (The Serpent's Shadows) with me...

I'm currently typing this whole thing at the comfort of my partly dog-smelling bed. Arrived just over an hour ago. I missed home. I missed my dogs. I'm excited with the idea that for the next few days, I won't be bothered by some hotel receptionist's call or my time being wasted on somebody else's schedule. I'm also excited to get back to work. Need to work hard 'coz I just decided that 2013 is gonna be a good year to travel for me.

I'm also excited for tonight. Here's why: A very late dinner of Zubuchon and later a midnight snack of some dried fruit candies while watching a Cebu-bought pirated "dvd" copy of Pitch Perfect.

Though Cebu during Sinulog might not be the perfect venue to search for some peace of mind, somehow I managed to have just that. I have a clearer view of things now. Thank God I went on with this trip.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Just a break from my regular updates with this entry.

Was Anne Hathaway being a bitch during her interview with Ricky Lo?
I think she was polite to stay and smile all throughout the interview. Ricky Lo was lucky Anne didn't walked out on him.

Friday, January 18, 2013


You know what this beautiful red things are (which I previously featured HERE)?

It's your access to over Php300,000 worth of deals at the country's top establishments, making what you (and I!) love doing - which is spending of course!, even more enjoyable! Want more good news? I'm giving away 3 Enjoy Philippines membership kits to 3 of my lucky readers!

Here's how to join:
1. Like Enjoy Philippines on Facebook
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3. Share a photo of the things that you ENJOY doing on Facebook! For example, shopping, eating, painting, etc… and don't forget to tag me, The PR Guy, and Enjoy Philippines ok?
4. Don't forget to share your thoughts on why you love doing those things.
5. Share this contest on any of your social networking sites for more chances of winning!
Terms and Conditions:
1. The contest is open to ALL Facebook members in the Philippines.
2. Contest period is from now until Feb. 6, 2013.
3. There will be a total of three (3) winners which will be chosen by me on Feb. 7, 2013.
4. Winners will be announced via Enjoy Philippines' Facebook on Feb. 9, 2013
5. The 2013 Enjoy Membership Kit will be delivered to the winners FAO Enjoy Philippines

Enjoy Philippines is one of the country's top VIP privilege programs.
For more info, visit or download Enjoy VIP PH from Samsung Apps.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


The past year, aside from its fair share of lows, was altogether good to me both in my professional and personal careers. Did this, did that. Experienced this, experienced that. Went to this, attended that. It was also in 2012 where I experienced the life of being famous...

…at Folded & Hung | Famous Salon that is.

Read on as I dish out one of the highlights of my 2012.


So I heard from the news last night that approximately 4 million people are going down south to celebrate Sinulog. Now I wonder how many of these people I'll be partying with at the LifeDance 2013. Hmm…
Legwork Paradiso Productions bring you the return of the Philippines' hottest dance party ever!

LifeDance 2013 brings to Cebu a mind-blowing lineup of international DJs to preach the party gospel to the swarming crowd. On Friday, January 18, the outdoor extravaganza begins, kicking off the Sinulog weekend with a potent blast of intense mayhem. Come join partyphiles from all over the country and Southeast Asia and beyond for an all-night fest that will change the way you look at partying forever!

See you guys there!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Marriott Hotel Manila introduces Double the Love Triple the Rewards wedding promo for 2013. Plan and confirm ahead until March 2013 and be assured that your big day will not only get executed flawlessly in a sophisticated venue, the points and perks are worth the entire splurge too.

Since your wedding day is a big gathering of family and friends, a special room rate is extended for minimum of ten rooms so your loved ones can simply enjoy the comfort of hotel home. What's more, dine in delight with your honey at Cru Steakhouse because Marriot Manila is treating you with a Php5,000 worth of credits and this is on top of a deluxe room accommodation with breakfast for two, and double Marriott Rewards points for a Locked in 2012 wedding package.

To know more about this promo, call the Sales Manager at 988-9999.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So guess what? I'm sick. Again.

But no amount of sickness will make me just lay down in bed and be un-productive. Spent the day answering e-mails, giving approvals, "shooting" studies/proposals (which I did less today - looks like I have a good team this year), and gave more nods of approval.

Now I don't know why I got sick. Must be something I ate daw

I blame it on this freaking looooong movie which I watched for the very first time in my life last night. Does "Pride and Prejudice" ring a bell? The anticipation for it to end must've gotten into me and I don't know if I already told you guys this but anticipation sometimes stress me out resulting me, getting sick.

I don't know why the sudden affinity towards the classics (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Somewhere In Time…) but this started when I realized that I'm getting old (which was last year - lol). Maybe deep down inside I'm an old romantic perhaps? Well to cut the long story of the movie short, unbelievable as it may seem, I liked it. Lizzy (played by Jennifer Ehle) even reminded me so much of Project Vanity's Liz. Jennifer's mole on her upper lip and her character's eloquence and spunk sealed the deal for me.
Hi, I'm Liz(zy)!
So after watching the final kiss scene on the carriage which ended like around 2:30 in the morning and after the battle with the chills (I started to get really sick right after watching the movie), I finally managed to "stalk" Liz on her blog… later that morning. I was hellbent on the idea in proving myself that she is indeed Elizabeth Bennet or at least a modern incarnation of the character.

I don't know where this will lead to but here goes…

Part of my stalking routine is also to check a person's Instagram feed, and as I was browsing through Liz's I saw this. Left a comment asking Karotts what brand of band-aid is this (this came from her) with the cryptic pahabol "@lizlanuzo can I call you Lizzy na from now on?" She didn't replied 'coz maybe there's nothing new with people calling her Lizzy or she's too busy to care. And to think I was ready with my whole Pride And Prejudice thoughts, etc… On a positive note, I got a response from Karrots and she's giving me some band-aids in this print. -end of pride and prejudice/liz story-

The moral of my story is the camouflage print band-aid.

What's up with camo being the print of the moment anyway?

I once asked Sarah if the camo print is just a trend and if it has an expiry date. She answered, "Dude, it's classic! It's not gonna end!" -smart answer to a dumb question.

More side story: I was actually worried on how this post is gonna turn out because of the lack of "connectivity" until I realized I'm talking about the classics here. Classic movies, the camo print being classic according to Sarah and how I started to embrace the two and let it into my life both at the same time and pace. I'm rambling I know. Must be the meds kicking in.

Scarf (gifted)
Muji Chambray shirt
Basic House chinos
Forever21 camo print laptop bag
Kartel by Traffic camo print plimsolls
A couple more camo printed stuff and I'm ready for my "The PR Guy Sees Camo" post. Thinking of getting another pair of shoes, a scarf and some iPhone cases in the print of course plus wait for Karrots' band-aids then I'm all set.
Kartel by Traffic camo print plimsolls
I hope Sarah is right with her statement (I know she is) 'coz I've been on the lookout lately for anything on this print and I can't seem to stop… spending on this kind of stuff that is. Well you know what they say about classics withstanding the short shelf life of trends. I say invest.
Forever21 camo print laptop bag
PS: I'm feeling a lot better now as I'm doing this post. I Need to be A-ok for my Cebu trip this weekend.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Lolita is giving away 6 sets of the following items as a thank you for helping them reach another milestone in their Facebook Fan Page. Happy 5k to the fans!

But of course, you have to do the following first if you haven't yet:
1. LIKE Lolita Philippines on Facebook HERE
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3. And finally, register your FULL NAME (the one that you use on Facebook) HERE: (Only 1 entry per person)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest is open to residents of the Philippines only and will run until January 24, 2013.