Have you been to Basic House? Or are you even familiar with the brand? Allow me to answer those questions by saying that I've been at their Greenhills branch (their one of two) and no, I'm not familiar with the brand.

But knowing that Basic House is under the same company managing brands like Topman, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins (to name a few) in our country, I was under the impression that it's gonna be, same as the other brands that I mentioned, good.

But I was wrong… everything was awesome!

Basic House is the first Korean fashion brand to hit Manila. They recently opened two stores with the first being at The Shops in Greenhills Shopping Center and the other one at Robinsons Metro East. I went to their Greenhills store and here's what to expect...

Basic pieces of clothing in basic colors,

button-downs in delightful shades and prints,

and my favorite portion of the store, the chinos section!

They also have denims,

more denims,

some collaborated items,

and of course, ladies stuff!

One thing I've noticed is that the brand is kinda partial to menswear (which is good! hehe) and that they carry a whole lot of basics (it's Basic House by the way) like these shirts in packs of 3,


and more!

Does everything look familiar? There are two Japanese brands selling practically similar stuff as Basic House. One being cheaper and the other one having the same price range as Basic House. What sets Basic House from the other two is first, it is a Korean brand (and we know how crazy Filipinos are for K-Pop) and the quality of the clothes are A+ or somehow comparable to some high end stores carrying basic stuff. Good quality means longer usage and with Basic House, I wouldn't mind spending more on their pieces 'coz I know that I'll be using it for a long time. And you know what they say about investing on basic and classic pieces right? Plus, they have limited stocks! It would be good to not bump into someone at the mall wearing the same clothes that you are wearing for a change.
I like this particular display. Reminds me of home.

Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc. is the exclusive franchisee of Basic House (also Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and Ben Sherman). Basic House stores are located at The Shops, Greenhills Shopping Center and Robinsons Metro East.

Find Basic House on Facebook HERE and follow @BasicHousePH on Twitter!


  1. I like their apparels :) Might visit their store soon.

  2. Hi, nice post! I'm definitely checking Basic House out! You mentioned two Japanese brands that are similar to Basic House. I know one of the two is Uniqlo, but I don't know the other one. Can you enlighten me? Thanks!


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