Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Is there a prison cell bomber position in the military? If there was and if we live in modern day Gotham and the prison cells were the Arkham Asylum kind, I'd be more than willing to fill in the post. But we're not in Gotham and Arkham is well, an asylum and not a prison prison if you know what I mean. And another thing, the Caped Crusader won't agree with me "finishing" the job for him. Mercy as he always say. Mercy.
Such fantasy you got there Mr. Chuapoco but hey, one can daydream right? For now, the look and the title will do.
Ray-Ban aviators
Tag Heuer watch
Kenneth Cole brogues
Zara camo jeans
Uniqlo bomber jacket
Topman collared shirt
SM Accessories belt
Zara camo jeans
Kenneth Cole brogues
This is what I wore on my shopping date with my #BigMoALove promo winners and do you know what else was the craze that day (aside from the actual shopping spree)? The Dani pose. Wanna see me do the "Dani"?

Photos by Mikyle Quizon
So what do you guys think? Of course I can pull it off! After all I'm Dani's kuya. Hehe.

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