So guess what? I'm sick. Again.

But no amount of sickness will make me just lay down in bed and be un-productive. Spent the day answering e-mails, giving approvals, "shooting" studies/proposals (which I did less today - looks like I have a good team this year), and gave more nods of approval.

Now I don't know why I got sick. Must be something I ate daw

I blame it on this freaking looooong movie which I watched for the very first time in my life last night. Does "Pride and Prejudice" ring a bell? The anticipation for it to end must've gotten into me and I don't know if I already told you guys this but anticipation sometimes stress me out resulting me, getting sick.

I don't know why the sudden affinity towards the classics (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Somewhere In Time…) but this started when I realized that I'm getting old (which was last year - lol). Maybe deep down inside I'm an old romantic perhaps? Well to cut the long story of the movie short, unbelievable as it may seem, I liked it. Lizzy (played by Jennifer Ehle) even reminded me so much of Project Vanity's Liz. Jennifer's mole on her upper lip and her character's eloquence and spunk sealed the deal for me.
Hi, I'm Liz(zy)!
So after watching the final kiss scene on the carriage which ended like around 2:30 in the morning and after the battle with the chills (I started to get really sick right after watching the movie), I finally managed to "stalk" Liz on her blog… later that morning. I was hellbent on the idea in proving myself that she is indeed Elizabeth Bennet or at least a modern incarnation of the character.

I don't know where this will lead to but here goes…

Part of my stalking routine is also to check a person's Instagram feed, and as I was browsing through Liz's I saw this. Left a comment asking Karotts what brand of band-aid is this (this came from her) with the cryptic pahabol "@lizlanuzo can I call you Lizzy na from now on?" She didn't replied 'coz maybe there's nothing new with people calling her Lizzy or she's too busy to care. And to think I was ready with my whole Pride And Prejudice thoughts, etc… On a positive note, I got a response from Karrots and she's giving me some band-aids in this print. -end of pride and prejudice/liz story-

The moral of my story is the camouflage print band-aid.

What's up with camo being the print of the moment anyway?

I once asked Sarah if the camo print is just a trend and if it has an expiry date. She answered, "Dude, it's classic! It's not gonna end!" -smart answer to a dumb question.

More side story: I was actually worried on how this post is gonna turn out because of the lack of "connectivity" until I realized I'm talking about the classics here. Classic movies, the camo print being classic according to Sarah and how I started to embrace the two and let it into my life both at the same time and pace. I'm rambling I know. Must be the meds kicking in.

Scarf (gifted)
Muji Chambray shirt
Basic House chinos
Forever21 camo print laptop bag
Kartel by Traffic camo print plimsolls
A couple more camo printed stuff and I'm ready for my "The PR Guy Sees Camo" post. Thinking of getting another pair of shoes, a scarf and some iPhone cases in the print of course plus wait for Karrots' band-aids then I'm all set.
Kartel by Traffic camo print plimsolls
I hope Sarah is right with her statement (I know she is) 'coz I've been on the lookout lately for anything on this print and I can't seem to stop… spending on this kind of stuff that is. Well you know what they say about classics withstanding the short shelf life of trends. I say invest.
Forever21 camo print laptop bag
PS: I'm feeling a lot better now as I'm doing this post. I Need to be A-ok for my Cebu trip this weekend.


  1. You're a trooper! With the camo stuff that you have and setting aside sickness just to make this post.. SALUTE!


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