Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm not gonna talk about Sinulog because one, instead of watching it with the rest of the millions who went, my old and tired self chose to stay at the hotel where I was staying and waited until the check out time and then went straight to the airport to deposit some of my baggages -mahal pala magdeposit ng mga bagahe. My flight was at 7:10pm, I left the hotel at 1:00pm. I had other plans in mind why I left early and that didn't include being squashed in the midst of the Sinulog crowd and get splattered with paint all over though the idea is quite tempting.

Did some last minute pasalubong shopping, ate a hearty meal at this very nice Thai restaurant and managed to have some massage action at Nuat Thai. All this at an area 15 minutes away from the airport (more specifics soon).

Flight got delayed by an hour. Lucky that I have my Kane Chronicles book (The Serpent's Shadows) with me...

I'm currently typing this whole thing at the comfort of my partly dog-smelling bed. Arrived just over an hour ago. I missed home. I missed my dogs. I'm excited with the idea that for the next few days, I won't be bothered by some hotel receptionist's call or my time being wasted on somebody else's schedule. I'm also excited to get back to work. Need to work hard 'coz I just decided that 2013 is gonna be a good year to travel for me.

I'm also excited for tonight. Here's why: A very late dinner of Zubuchon and later a midnight snack of some dried fruit candies while watching a Cebu-bought pirated "dvd" copy of Pitch Perfect.

Though Cebu during Sinulog might not be the perfect venue to search for some peace of mind, somehow I managed to have just that. I have a clearer view of things now. Thank God I went on with this trip.


  1. I read Rick Riordan books too! I'm done with the Kane Chronicles. Have you read the Heroes of Olympus yet?

    1. Hi Queen! I'm also done with the Kane Chronicles:) I'm on the third book of the HoO series right now.