Sunday, January 13, 2013


Today is the second day of my "Project Declutter."

You must wondering where's day 1? THIS is day 1.

To give you a clearer picture on why it's taking me some time to "fix" everything, here's the state of my guest room before I moved a single thing... also known as the aftermath of 2012,

The guest room, aside from being my brothers' room when they visit, is where I basically keep all my acquisitions both personal and professional.

It is where I put the clothes that I haven't featured yet on my blog on stand-by mode,
and no, the horse is not mine.
Also a whole lot of things!

Shoes (boxes included), a tiny portion of my Superman collection, reading materials,
can you spot my adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes?
and more reading materials!

I decided to maximize the usage of my guest room also as a mini home office for when I don't feel like going to the office (like a boss! hehe) and as you are reading this, I'm just halfway done with everything! Still sorting through some books, stuff that I almost forgot to blog about (expect some major backlogs catch up), etc, etc...

Thinking about the amount of work and time I'm gonna put into this makes me feel tired (already) and sleepy and to think this is just one part of the house. Thinking of fixing my shoe cabinet next but first, allow me to finish my guest room/mini home office ok?


  1. Wow, pwede makitulog dito Paul?! Haha.

    My room is always a mess too! I also used my brother's room to keep some of my stuff, but now that he's back.. argh, I have to invade the second floor sala :D

  2. i would love to help you clean and organize your room. you see, im very oc when it comes to cleaning and organizing. almost every other week, i clean and re-organize my room. everything. books. magazines. shoes. kahit ano. kahit alam ko na malinis na and organized, i still tinker! haha its my hobby. my form of relaxation. my outlet. my happiness. it makes me feel happy and contented and it makes me keep sane! hahaha i find joy in doing so.

    with that being said, now im the go to person ng mga friends ko and my family of course when it comes to organizing and cleaning. haha and im loving and enjoying every moment.

  3. Wow! Guest room, pwede maki stay in as guest?

  4. Pa-doodle sa wall Paul! lol!!!